Wedding Music Ideas – What are popular wedding songs for people with 2 left feet?

Wedding Music Ideas – How Long Should your Dance be?

Wedding Music Ideas running low? If you are finding songs you like, but they are too long, you do have another way to take care of the song length. You can edit the music to a 2.5 minute length. It is always a good idea to leave your audience wanting MORE!

wedding music ideasIf your dance instructor is unable to help you, and you don’t want to hire a professional audio man, try editing the song yourself. There is a free program on line called, “Audacity.” The program is fairly intuitive and can shorten your son fairly easy.

The best wedding music ideas are keeping the song simple. You can remove some of the intro because it is difficult to dance to intro music, and you can cut some of the ending. Taking out sections of music in the middle should be left to the musicians and the skilled audio person.

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I recently edited a six minute song down to 2.5 minutes. I started 3.5 minutes into the song at the chorus and it worked great. I did a fade up into the song, and everyone was very happy.

It’s like the man who moved to Orlando, Florida and all his relatives came to visit. He solved his visitor problem with towels that say, “His” and “Get out of Here!”

What’s the first rule of entertaining your wedding guests? Always leave them wanting MORE and then “Get out of there.”  Your first dance should be prepared, learned, practiced and then performed. Not too fancy, but just fancy enough to show you were entertaining.

If your song is 4 or 5 minutes in length, you could be the best dancers on the planet and people would think the wedding dance was still too long. Here is my suggestion: 2-to-2.5 minutes seems to be perfect timing to be entertaining. I edit the song to that time limit, and everyone is happy. The guests are happy, and the Bride and Groom have a limited time period to entertain that is attainable with about five wedding dance lessons.



wedding music ideasI have had shorter times – like the Father-daughter dance a few years ago — the Father was from out of town and only had time for one dance lesson. To complicate matters, he had never danced before and the song was 5.5 minutes. YIKES! I shortened the song to about one minute and made the music ten percent slower – – no one could tell – not even the Bride. Again, everyone was happy and his performance shocked everyone who knew he didn’t have any dance experience.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about your wedding dance song — keep the first rule of entertaining and your wedding dance will be a hit performance at the reception. What’s the first rule of all entertaining? As our beginning joke says, “Get out of Here!” – – don’t linger. Leave family and friends wanting more!