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Wedding First Dance Moves

Wedding First Dance LessonsWedding First Dance Moves  can be very difficult to pull off successfully because of memorizing. If the Groom forgets a single step and puts one step out of order the entire dance could be a flop. Ooooo. Not good. I have an easier way.

I prefer to teach the Groom how to lead. He can do the steps he knows in the order that those steps come to his thought processes. Meanwhile, I teach the Bride to follow. This is a perfect match for the First Dance, and it is a great way to learn how to dance for the rest of your lives and NOT just your first dance.

But, here’s a tip: if the Groom has a list of steps that he has learned and the Bride doesn’t know what steps the Groom is doing, and just uses her new skill of “following” the groom we have success. The groom cannot mess up. The Groom is the pencil and the Bride is the eraser. She follows him, and he leads.

Now here is the best part of Wedding First Dance Moves, the steps that the groom learns are social dancing steps. That means that the groom can take all of the steps he has learned on the Two Left Feet Dance Lessons floor and have cool dance moves for any dance floor.

If the Groom takes his main squeeze to a wedding – not theirs – he can cut a rug and put his best foot forward on the dance floor. You see, the groom is now comfortable on the dance floor and not afraid that he and his Bride will look fantastic wherever they decide to dance.

If they go on a cruise, the Wedding First Dance Moves are all transferrable. You won’t need new dance lessons for non steps. You will be golden and able to dance your First dance for the rest of your lives together. You have learned a life skill, and not just a First dance.

You can now learn how to dance from an Arthur Murray dance instructor. If you think you have two left feet, please remember what Jo Rossano’s motto is. . . . If you can stumble, you can dance.

Call for a free Wedding First Dance Moves consultation in Orlando. Just one mile west of I4 and Exit number 94. Wedding First Dance Moves is only 20 minutes north of downtown Orlando.

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About Diana Jo Rossano

Diana Jo Rossano has a background in ballet, and is an Arthur Murray trained social dance instructor in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Jo Rossano uses a different approach to learning ballroom dance that uses the right side of the brain or creative side more. Instead of memorizing steps, she asks students to feel the dance music to understand the beats. She has students repeat dance steps to feel the movement rather than memorizing those steps. The result has been amazing because students respond better by learning to dance much quicker.
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