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Wedding Dancing Lessons Orlando

Wedding Dancing Lessons OrlandoWedding dancing Lessons Orlando are NOT as expensive as you may think. Your wedding cake will be eaten. Your dress will be put in storage. The wedding guests will go home. But your dance lessons will be with you the next time you see a dance floor. Divide yourself from the herd and be different, and be better by taking dance lessons for your wedding. You are entertaining your guests, do a great job! Most of my students tell me that they do NOT want to dance like they did in junior high school. This will be a great help to fix that fear.

Beginning Wedding Dancing Lessons Orlando Includes:
5 Wedding Dance Lessons (one-hour)
Written list of choreographed dance steps
Simple Dance Trick
Your choice of an additional dance trick
End of song spin and dip
Learn a professional looking curtsy and bow.
Your investment $225.*
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*One payment of $225 is made at first dance lesson. Check or charge, please add a $10 service fee. Cash is preferred.
Editing your music to 2.5 minutes and making sure it is the right speed for an easier performance is free.  

You may want to add one more dance lesson so you can dance a little at your wedding. ¬†After all, your friends and family will expect you are a dance pro when they see your first dance together as husband and wife. So, don’t disappoint them. Dance cha cha. How much will this cost? The price will be $45 for one more private dance lesson. You will learn twice as much from a private dance lesson when compared to a group dance lesson. The extra $45 is not due until you have completed your five lesson dance package. A little easier on your poke book.

Wedding Dancing Lessons Orlando

Wedding Dancing Lessons Orlando is fun. you will have the time of your life.

Doing your first dance together is a milestone in every married couple’s memory. If they did a dance like they did in junior high or if the took dance lessons and went all out – the memory will be there until they both leave this world. My first recommendation is to do what feels good to your budget. Do NOT go in debt for any part of your wedding. Yes, your wedding is an important part of your memories. Just make a smaller wedding with less guests, and you will still have a pleasant memory that won’t steal your income from your future together as man and wife.

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Wedding Dancing Lessons Orlando