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Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons are always fun at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons Orlando. Diana Jo Rossano, dance instructor believes in making your ballroom dance lesson fun and entertaining. Instruction takes place, but demonstration is first priority.

Would you like to see a sneak preview of the second dance lesson of five wedding dance lessons? Well, watch the video for a sneak peak. You can be a fly on the wall and no one will know you are there. Leave a comment to encourage Erin and Paul at their Two of Five wedding dance lessons.

Many people are visual learners. If you like to be shown what to do, then Wedding Dance Lessons will be beneficial for you. You will look good at your reception with some cool dance moves in your wedding dance lessons.

Wedding Dance LessonsErin and Paul will be married on the 26th of November. They live and work in Orlando, Florida. They chose for their first dance song, “Lay, Lady, Lay.” This is a short clip from their second wedding dance lesson. They are doing an outstanding job! They have learned the secret to cool dance moves at their wedding reception. Write a comment to encourage them.


Wedding Dance Lessons – On sale with FREE consultation!