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Orlando Country Dancing

Learn to dance waltz Orlando
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Orlando Country Dancing with Diana Jo Rossano is easier than you might think. Why? She trains visually, which means that first you see the step and then you learn the step with a partner.

Learning how to dance separate from your partner is difficult. But, when new students see the new dance step with a partner and see the relationship of how the steps look, it is easier to learn how to dance. Please call: 407-297-9048.


Orlando Country Dancing At Two Left Feet visual learning is the most important part of the learning experience. Toys are excellent examples for teaching. Like what? I show a toy of Captain Hook and then tell my students they may NOT hold onto each other with their thumbs, but pretend their hands have become hooks like the Captain. Good? Yes, for visual learners, this has proven to be a very good way to each them.


Also, Jo will back lead the new leader to allow their muscles to feel the new dance lead, and then repeat it. It is much easier for the muscle and brain connection to be made when it is first initiated by an outside source rather than waiting until the lead is learned. The learning happens much quicker with a back lead.

Orlando Country Dancing – Learn to Dance Fast!

Orlando Country Dancing