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Father Daughter Wedding Dance – How to select your music

Father Daughter Wedding DanceKnowing how long the father daughter wedding dance should be, can be difficult to know. The main way to think when doing any kind of performance is to: “Always leave your audience wanting MORE.” Shorter is better.

Two and a half minutes would be absolutely the LONGEST dance, and that time frame is usually reserved for the Bride and Groom who are the main attraction. Watch the video below.


If you don’t have any prior dance experience, I always suggest that you do a father daughter wedding dance that is about one-to-one and a half minutes of steps you do awesome. You can repeat the steps twice and no one will mind. Better to do three steps awesome than ten steps no so great. This is why my students always leave their father daughter wedding dance lessons feeling and looking GREAT! Call 407-297-9048. – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034

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A man I know played the piano in Key West. It was the first time he knew what key he was in. Don’t know anything about music? Don’t be afraid to pick your music for your dance with your Dad or Daughter. Here are a few tips to help:
1) Pick a song that has meaningful words for the two of you. Maybe a song when the daughter was a child? One of my Father-daughter dances danced to a song that the Bride-to-be chose when she was twelve years old. “I Feel Good” by James Brown. Meaningless to me, and maybe to most of the wedding guests, but when it was explained that Megan chose the song when she was twelve – everyone understood with a smile.

Father Daughter Wedding Dance2) Don’t worry about the beat or type of dance – that is on the dance instructor’s job description – not yours. Why? Because the tempo can be manipulated 5-to-20 percent without danger of the singer sounding like Mickey Mouse or a like he was dropped in a rain barrel. I had to manipulate the “I Feel Good” song to slow it down by 20 percent, that’s a lot! We added some mime for the Dad to “mouth” the part of the song that says, “I feel good – woooooo!” I later heard that everyone – including the wedding guests had a ton of fun with the performance. Did anyone realize the song had been shortened or made slower — no. Everyone was too busy laughing.

Father Daughter Wedding DanceDance instructors can help you adapt your dance to match your song. After all, if the Dad is leading, and the Daughter is following – you really don’t need any music in order to dance together for your wedding dance.

So, relax and just smile because that is the most important part of your wedding dance performance. If you want more tips, please call now for your free consultation. Invest in yourself, take lessons for the Father Daughter Wedding Dance. 407-297-9048. – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034