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Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando

Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando
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If you are a beginner considering taking ballroom dance lessons Orlando, please consider Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. While group lessons are cheaper than a private dance lesson, beginners sometimes have a difficult time keeping up with the fast pace of a group ballroom dance lessons Orlando.

Here’s why: You don’t have a foundation of partner dancing. Without a foundation, every thing is new. The vocabulary is new. The steps are new. The dance posture is new. Confusion is common. A group lesson is fun because of the interaction with the people, but bad habits may easily formed when you have too little of the instructors time.

Ballroom Dance Lessons OrlandoHere’s a suggestion: Take the five-lesson package to gain a foundation. You will be surprised how much five hours can do to improve your learning ability. Five lessons are $45. per one-hour dance lesson, but worth much, much more. Some of my students will take the ballroom dance lessons Orlando package while they are taking the group dancing lessons. You can review what you learned, and seem like the star student in the lesson. This is the perfect way to have the best of both worlds – the fun of interacting with people, and the extra attention that all beginners need. Lessons can be scheduled to fit your busy lifestyle, just pick up the telephone and call now to make an appointment. 407-297-9048 – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034¬†Class size is limited to eight students.

Diana Jo Rossano is an Arthur Murray trained dance instructor – learn from the best. All lessons are private. If you have a group of friends, you can save money by coming to Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlandoballroom dance lessons Orlando together. My dance studio is limited to eight people in the group. Smaller ballroom dance lessons are okay, but no larger than eight. If you have a clubhouse you can rent, I will travel to your location for $100 for a 70-minute lesson, plus travel costs.