Seedling Pots on the cheap – a homemade way that saves money

Seedling Pots on the Cheap – A How-to Video

When you go to the gardening store, plastic holds the soil, the fertilizer, the pots for the plants, and even the seedling pots. There is a big problem, because plastic is a porous material that out gases into whatever it holds. BPA (the chemical plastic leeches into whatever is inside) causes hormonal problems for anyone eating or drinking from it.

The soil in the plastic will have bisphenol A in it – a type of estrogen. The plants that grow in the plastic will be hormonally unbalanced to make a hormonally unbalanced food. Yes, if you drink purified water from a plastic bottle, you are putting your health at risk to have hormonal problems. Like what? Metabolism problems. As we age we accumulate a lot of BPA in our body, and it slows down the way we burn or DON’T burn calories. If you are a man, you may have problems performing in the bedroom or prostate issues. If you are a woman, you may have lumpy and hurting breast or other female illness. Do your best to avoid plastic – yes, even for your pets.

I wanted to sprout some seeds, and could not find anything but plastic. So, I combined a few video ideas off of YouTube and came up with the following video. I hope you like it – I do. Yes, the toothpick case is plastic, but the paper seedling pots don’t have contact for a long time. (less than 30 seconds.) If you can find a glass one, go for it.

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