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Salsa Dance Steps – EZ PZ How to Salsa

Salsa Dance Steps Lesson Packages for Beginners Start at $45 per private, one hour beginners dance lesson. Merengue and the Salsa dances are probably two of the easiest dances to learn on the planet. Call Now 407-297-9048  – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034

Salsa Dance StepsLearn Salsa Dance Steps because it is one of the most popular dances at the night clubs. Check with your favorite club to find out more information about their “Latin night”.

Salsa is considered one of the easier dances to learn. Merengue is another easy Latin dance to learn. If you can march, you can learn to dance the Merengue.

Bachata is the Latin slow dance. Learn to dance with your main squeeze or just learn to bachata to ask some lucky girl to dance with you.

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At most Latin Dances, Salsa is the most popular dance played — FAST songs. Then they break up the mix with a slow dance called the Bachata. The third favorite dance is the Merengue. Again, very fast, but very easy. You may hear one Cha Cha at a Latin dance or maybe not. I’m sure if you wanted to Cha Cha, the DJ would grant your request.

Salsa Dance StepsGet comfortable with Salsa Dance Steps on the dance floor. Learn Dance FAST with private dance lessons. Look great and impress family & friends.

Beginner Salsa Steps for Couples or singles pay the same price.
No partner required.
Call now: 407-297-9048  – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034