Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando is really just the basic box step. 407-297-9048

Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando

Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando are easier with a private dance lesson. Watch Lidia and Derek’s excerpt from an actual private rumba dance lessons Orlando. This is their first dance lesson and they are doing well. Lidia is learning how to turn off her brain and become a wonderful follower, and Derek is learning how to lead on the dance floor.

Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando are easier when you take private dance lessons.

Rumba is a different name for doing the basic box step. This is really a great step to learn because it is easy and give you confidence that you really don’t have two left feet. In one dance lesson you can learn the basic box – which is the basic rumba step. The basic rumba step is repeated throughout the entire dance. Every step that you learn in the rumba dance lessons Orlando stems from this one step.

Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando

Other dances that use the basic box step are the Social Foxtrot, and the Social Waltz. There are two other types of foxtrot and waltz that do NOT use both sides of the basic box. They are sometimes called, “Ballroom Foxtrot” and “Ballroom Waltz.” Both are danced around the perimeter of the dance floor. The ballroom foxtrot and waltz use half of a box, and repeat it to go around the perimeter of the dance floor.

To try and visualize this, try to remember a Hollywood version of watching a military waltz where all the couples are spinning down the dance floor very fast. Ballroom foxtrot and waltz do NOT us
e the same steps, but they do dance in the same manner and direction. If you have ever roller skated, dancing uses the same direction to go counter clockwise around the dance floor for both the foxtrot and waltz.

Rumba Dance Lessons OrlandoPrivate Latin dance lessons (Rumba) are the fastest way to learn how to dance without any distractions of other people trying to learn at the same time. Your lesson will be the only dance lesson happening at the time you schedule with Diana Jo Rossano, social dance instructor trained by Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

Latin dance classes are fun and affordable.


Diana Jo Rossano is a social, Arthur Murray trained dance teacher in Orlando, Florida. Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando