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Private wedding dance lessons

Private Wedding Dance LessonsPrivate wedding dance lessons is a talent that lasts a lifetime. The cake will be eaten. The guests will go home. The memories will flood your mind and be there forever to recall and smile.

BUT, there is also something that you can take away with you until the day you take you last breath – the dance lessons you took together because dancing lessons last forever.

When you celebrate each wedding anniversary, it is my advice to recall how you met, when you knew were in love and wanted to spend the rest of your life with each other.

And if you can, play your first dance song, and dance.

Private Wedding Dance LessonsThe next time you go to a wedding you will have the ability to dance together. It may only be one type of song – the type of song you learned together to prepare for your first dance together as husband and wife but you can dance together and look like a couple. If your private wedding dance lessons were for the rumba or the waltz, then you will be able to get on the dance floor and be comfortable dancing a rumba or a waltz.

The fun you have at a dance lesson, the preparation for your first dance together helps to build your relationship as you both focus on your future. A wedding is one of the most important decisions that you make. Once you make it, do your best to make your wedding all you can make it. My first suggestion to anyone getting married, is to stay on budget. Never go into debt for any part of your wedding. Borrowing from your future as man and wife is not necessary if you plan well. Invite less people, make a shorter honeymoon, take less dancing lessons, wait a few months more so you can save your money. Lots of different options. Ask other couples what they did and what their opinion is to help you to plan.


Your first dance may not look like dancing with the stars, but you will be comfortable on the dance floor and that  is what counts for a lot. So, keep in your budget and purchase all the things you need for a memorable wedding.   Private wedding dance lessons by appointment only.

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