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Private Dance Lessons Orlando

Private Dance Lessons OrlandoPrivate Dance Lessons Orlando will help you learn how to dance FAST. You will never be lost again and feeling like you have two left feet. Please watch below to see Arthur Murray Dance Instructor, Diana Jo Rossano and Bob dance a Foxtrot. The music has been replaced with stock music, but you can still see the fun and freedom of dancing the Foxtrot.

Bob has been Ballroom dancing for over fifteen years, and despite being over 80 years of age and an injured knee, he makes the Foxtrot look very easy. You can learn to dance, too. Until you have experienced the difference between a group class with 20 people or more, and a private dance lesson with one-on-one help, you won’t realize how easy and fun dancing can be. Getting a foundation learning to dance takes about five-to-ten dance lessons. A little pricey to get you started, but the next time you take a group dance lesson you will be amazed how much faster you can learn to dance.

Private Dance Lessons OrlandoPrivate Dance Lessons Orlando is where you can learn to dance with a few fun and easy dance lessons. No, you won’t be as good as Bob, he has been dancing for well over fifteen years. But with five dance lessons you can learn the rumba, swing and slow dance. Yes, you can.

Many people think that they don’t have rhythm and they have two left feet, but Arthur Murray trained dance instructor, Diana Jo Rossano has helped countless students to get on the dance floor and enjoy life with ballroom dancing.

Learning to dance is a great way to find a whole batch of new friends can help you change your life. Are your old friends in a couch potato rut? Change where you meet your friends and your life could take a turn for the better.

Private Dance Lessons OrlandoDivorce can mean a rough road. Talking to your friends who were your friends when you were married can be stressful. It is not un-normal for friends to feel that they must chose sides between you and your former spouse. As sad as that situation sounds, it seems to happen more times than not. Take the scariest step of your life and do something new. Break out of your rut and become a new you. You are only a telephone call away.


Private Dance Lessons Orlando