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Are you overheating on the dance floor?

When a car overheats, the driver may see steam spewing from under the hood. overheatingBoth experienced and beginner drivers alike know that steam coming out of a car’s radiator means the car is low on water. In spite of the driver’s great knowledge about the needs of their automobile’s physiology, they do not share that same knowledge about how their human body works.

The human body works in some what the same way. How? If the car is overheating with steam coming out of the radiator, then it is showing the driver what it needs. Answer: The car needs WATER! In the same way, if a person is sweating profusely or feel like steam is coming out, then the body is telling the person the same answer: Answer: The body is low on water. Drink more Water. Don’t just take a mouthful of water because the body needs more – much more. Please try drinking 16 ounces of water without fluoride. Now, how do you feel? Better?

Great. In 20 minutes repeat drinking another 16 ounces. The morning after a dance, where you were over heated, is a special morning. Why? You might wake up feeling tired – even though you rested for an entire night. This is a secondary sign that your body is still low on water. Swollen eyelids, puffy eyes can also be a warning sign that the water shortage still needs additional attention. Before breakfast, drink 16 ounces of water without fluoride. You should begin to feel better.

The driver’s problem may happen again because there is a leak in the car’s radiator, and the over heating returns. You must fix the car’s leaking radiator or fix the clogging of the radiator to get rid of the over heating problem. For the human body, leaking is caused by consuming alcoholic beverages or beverages with caffeine.

Not Healthy Because it’s in PLASTIC!

Let me rephrase the answer so you don’t miss it: How can over heating be stopped? Yes, a person can drink more water, but you must watch out what else you drink or eat. Bottled water is dangerous because the plastic is porous. That means the plastic trades places with the water when the water is on a hot delivery truck or in your hot car. Over time plastic thins out. This thinning of the plastic means osmosis of the plastic is naturally taking place. Never re-use any plastic bottle because the health dangers increase with age. Please consider using glass bottles or BPA free plastic.

Did you know that your body uses one quart or more of water just to keep your body running smoothly. Like what? Using the bathroom uses a lot of water to remove waste from the body. If your stools are hard, that is a sign of a dehydrated body. If your pee is a dark yellow, that is another sign of a dehydrated body. Your body is communicating with you, but taking time to listen is difficult AND listening requires education.

Did you know you can lose a gallon of water in one hour of sweating? Water requirements triple for every ounce of caffeine or alcohol that a human drinks. It is hard to believe that drinking eight ounces of green tea will triple the requirement of water for the human radiator. An eight-ounce caffeine drink will increase the need for water by 24 ounces. Wine does the same thing, and hard liquor increases the need for more water!

overheatingWhen I last attended a dance, one of my dance partners commented about my cool hands. He asked, “How can your hands be so cool? You are dancing every dance? I didn’t get the opportunity to tell him how well I treat my body’s radiator with great kindness. How? I only drink distilled water that does NOT contain fluoride or chlorine bleach. Both are deadly to the human body and slows down metabolism. I always drink a 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt in every quart of water to keep my radiator cool. It’s like adding anti-freeze to your car’s radiator.

Losing salt from sweating causes the radiator to run hotter, too. You might compare salt to adding antifreeze to a car to keep it running cooler in the summer time. Plus, eating regular table salt from restaurant or prepared foods will cause a radiator to over heat. Bad salt (table salt) promotes loss of water from a human radiator. Celtic sea salt or Himalayan Pink salt helps keep the human radiator cool. Eating and drinking bad table salt increases the need for good, balanced and whole salt. Even an occasional prepared food from a restaurant or canned good is sabotaging your health.

overheatingTry to drink at least one quart of water before going to a dance. This way your radiator is topped off and ready to race all around the ballroom dance floor without being a ball of sweat.

Other symptoms of a body that is dehydrated are:

High blood pressure, dry skin, constipation, a raspy dry voice, dry, lifeless hair, and other symptoms. Most of the symptoms will have the word “dry” in them. If you develop muscle cramps, please know this is a symptom of low salt – unrefined salt must be added to the water to prevent muscle cramping.

overheatingLet’s review the rules to running a cooler human radiator:
1) Give up and do NOT drink any caffeine or alcohol unless you triple the water you drink.
2) Add a 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt to every quart of water you drink.
3) Drink half of your body weight in water every day. A 200 pound person would drink 100 ounces of water. Drink the best water and food you are able to  find. This will help to insure your better health.
4) Pack a lunch or cook at home to eat purer foods without additives or preservatives. Home cooking advertised at a restaurant may NOT be a good choice because they choose the cheapest foods. A good example of foods to avoid would be any food that contains salt in the ingredient list.  Why? Because it contains bleach.

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