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No Rhythm Dance Lessons

No Rhythm?  - Private dance lessons for people who cannot hear the music's beat. Please call 407-297-9048 - no texts, please. Two Left Feet? Can’t dance? Yes, you can. Rhythm was put into your brain by your Creator. If you don’t buy the Creator philosophy, then you evolved with it. It is inside your brain, but . . . you have lost it. I can help you find it. A few possible reasons why you think it's gone:

1) You think others dance better than you.
2) Someone at some time in your past may have said something unkind.

Okay, now for the good news - I can fix you! You can get your rhythm back. If you want to see a video that proves what I am speaking about is the truth, then please scroll down to the bottom of this page. The video is entertaining and it is exactly what rhythm looks like from an animal. No, I didn’t teach the animal to have rhythm. Then watch the second video of a one-year old dancing. No, I didn't teach the baby how to dance. You’ll be amazed! Please take note of what the animal and the baby does when they lose rhythm.

There is an excellent chance that I can help you regain the skill you were born with. Yes, I have helped many students regain their rhythm. Read my reviews and find out what my students say about me as a dance instructor.

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