New Years Resolution to exercise? Stop fighting with yourself to go to the gym.

New Years Resolution to exercise? Stop fighting with yourself to go to the gym. Try dancing and love it!

We make a New Years Resolution and then it becomes difficult to make that resolution good. Did you know that people who make resolutions are more likely to have success than those who don’t bother? These people my not accomplish their goal right out of the box, but research says that if they keep trying year after year that one of those years they succeed.

New Years Resolution is good for you because you will succeed, but the first step is to try. Don’t be discouraged, don’t fear failure, but go for it. So, you fail? Then what? Does the board of directors of success international write you a ticket? Of course not. People admire people who try. Don’t give up, your goals to lose weight or to find new people can happen, but it won’t happen if you don’t try. So, try. If you fail, try again and some day soon you will succeed. As Daddy always said, “Nothing beats a try, not even a failure.”

New Years Resolution to exercise more starts with a phone call: 407-297-9048 – Everyone knows that if you don’t like the exercise, you won’t do it. Stop fighting with yourself to go to they gym. Get out, get social and get slim.

New Years Resolution
Diana Jo Rossano, Ph.D.