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Learn to Ballroom Dance to calm your nerves before your First Dance

LEARN TO BALLROOM DANCEAre you worried about how you can learn to dance for your wedding first dance? Thinking about cool dance moves, but you may not know any to perform as a couple? First of all, how long should your dance be? Well, let’s take a hint from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers — how long were their dances on the big screen?


I have noticed that they never danced more than three minutes. I read a story one time that Ginger’s feet were bleeding from doing so many takes for one dance. All of their steps were cool dance moves, but they were out to be their best and WOW their audience. The dance routines were well polished by the two (Fred & Ginger) skilled and talented dancers with a long background dancing.

Learn to Ballroom DanceMost dancers start dance lessons when they are in grammar school. Okay, if we take the concepts demonstrated by our heros — Fred Astaire — Three minutes or longer never happened. It is a general rule of thumb that if you already have your dance routine memorized that you need to practice at least one hour for every minute of dance performance. Fred and Ginger had the luxury of film and could retake a dance not up to parr.

Based on these generalities here are my suggestions when you go searching for the right dance studio or dancing instructor:

1) The lessons must fit your budget. Price around and do your best to pick the instructor that makes your budget feel good.

2) Keep the music you like, if the song is special to the two of you, then keep it. You can always have the music edited – cut to two or two-and-a-half minutes. You can also have the tempo adjusted — if the music is too fast — because you are beginners or you don’t have enough time to practice your routine for hours and hours, changing the tempo is a good alternative.

Learn to Ballroom DanceMost music editing programs can change the tempo of your music up to 15% and the singer will still sound the same — no chipmunks or slurred singing will occur. Also, you will be able to practice to the exact song and time your dance trick and dip to occur at the right time.

If you are considering letting the band do it, think again. A full rehearsal of the band rarely happens and leaves a lot of room for error.

3) Give the music to the DJ before the wedding by email, but always bring a back up copy to the wedding on a USB drive. Tell the DJ that you will tell them when to start the music, or have your routine practiced that the intro is used wisely — maybe escort your Bride onto the dance floor and declare: “My beautiful Bride, Mrs. _________, the love of my life, for the rest of my life.” Then cue the DJ. Thinking of the little things and planning them now can be the small stumbling block on your special day.

Learn to Ballroom Dance4) I always suggest five wedding dance lessons because the price is kept down to be affordable — which was the first rule — remember? My 5-lesson package is $225. Two-minutes or Two-and-a-half minutes can become a very long performance for the inexperienced Bride to be and the Groom, but with 5 lessons they can learn enough steps not to be repetitive. Plus there is always room for a little cool dance move or trick. I hope this helps.   Learn to ballroom dance by called for an appointment: 407-297-9048

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