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Learn How to Swing Orlando

Watch Steve and Geraldine Learn How to Swing Orlando the swing after two private dance lessons. This couple wanted to learn how to Swing Orlando and decided they wanted the privacy of a private dance lesson. You can tell from the video that they enjoyed their time together.

Learn How to Swing OrlandoThey chose Arthur Murray Trained dance instructor Diana Jo Rossano. You can see they are having the time of their life.  They are dancing the triple swing. This dance is called triple swing because there are two triple steps (change weight three times) and then a rock step where one foot goes back and the dancer’s weight is shifted to the back foot while the stationary foot keeps their place on the dance floor and doesn’t move.

Swing Dance Lessons come in handy when going on a cruise, going to a wedding, at a night club or lounge or just staying home with your main squeeze and dancing on the patio under a moon- lit sky.

Ideally it would be great to know about six-to-ten different steps in the swing, but you can dance the swing with as little as three steps and you are good to go. Don’t miss the fun. Be part of the fun with learn how to swing Orlando.

Located north of Orlando on 434 (exit number 94 on i4) the Longwood exit. All dance lessons are by appointment only. No walk in dance lessons. Call now to reserve your time slot. Diana Jo Rossano, dance teacher also makes house calls. 407-297-9048