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Find out why Diana Jo Rossano rejected the Smart Meter for her home.


The Dancing Doctor on Television:
Watch the Dancing Doctor’s Health Videos. Diana Jo Rossano, Ph.D. is a social dance instructor and a Natural Doctor for alternative health. Scroll down to view the list below. Click on the topic that interests you. Some of the videos below were seen on Christian television as a Public Service Announcement. Public service means that no one made any money for the commercial. The Television channel did NOT sell the time. The production company did NOT charge for the production. The talent was NOT paid. No money changed hands, but just from the goodness of the Christian television station did these announcements air in Orlando, and on 23 other Christian television stations across the United States.  These health videos may help you to dance longer on the dance floor when you practice their concepts in your every day life.  Please ignore any reference to I took this website off the internet.


Dancing Health Videos
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