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How to Lead a Dance – Please teach my man to lead!

HOW TO LEAD A DANCEHow to lead a dance is sometimes a touchy relationship problem when it shouldn’t be. I was teaching a couple at the Marks Street Senior Center in Orlando because my dance floor was being remodeled. I was actually conducting the dance lesson while the Tuesday night dance was happening.

My students were have some real world experience or sometimes I call being at a dance being in the “jungle.” Because it is wild being at a dance. Leaders lead differently and followers follow differently than within the safe atmosphere of my dance floor.

As I was dancing with the man, and then my woman dance students, a woman overheard my woman student say, “He’s not leading the dance right.” I danced with the man and gave him some pointers, and my woman student grinned ear to ear at the improvement.


HOW TO LEAD A DANCEThe woman who was watching rushed over to me as she was dragging her husband in tow and excitedly said, “Here, fix my husband, too!” I have had one husband who was sent to me by a frustrated wife, and one girlfriend. It didn’t take long to tweak each of the men to become a good lead. How to lead dance is a skill set that must be taught to every man.

Group lessons often miss how to lead a dance because the dance instructor has 20 or 30 students and cannot devote concentrated time with fine tune each man and how he can lead dance.

If you are a frustrated man who wants followers to follow, or if you are a frustrated follower, a few dance lessons go a long way to help iron out some of the relationship difficulties.

How to lead a dance is the only time that a man can push a woman around the dance floor, make the woman do ALLLL the work and run here and there and yonder, pull them, lead them and at the end of the dance the woman says, “Thank you!”

Don’t try this same technique at home in the kitchen. Because if you push a woman around and make her do all the work you may find yourself injured.

Please call for an appointment so I can help you learn to to lead a dance easily and with much more success.

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