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How to Dance the Hustle

How to Dance the HustleHave you ever wondered how to dance the hustle? Yes, people are still doing the hustle at ballroom studios all over America. Cool dance moves are part of the dance history of the Hustle. The Swing dance is fast, but the hustle (disco) is for even faster music.

A great dance for the nightclub, a wedding, and even for a First Dance!

Claudia and Fuzzy demonstrate the hustle. This is an actual one-minute dance demo from a real dance lesson in Orlando, Florida.

Hustle has two main variations: four-count hustle (sometimes called, “Disco”) and three-count hustle or syncopated hustle. Four count is used when the music is extremely fast and you want to slow the pace down a little. Three count  will quicken those dance songs that are not fast enough.

Hustle is a very popular dance in New York, and they have their own hustle called the “New York Hustle.

Claudia and Fuzzy are intermediate Hustle dance students at Two Left Feet Dance School in Orlando. They love to dance on cruise ships, and sometimes they go to the lounge to enjoy their hustle skills as talented dancers.

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See you on the dance floor.

Jo, Rossano, Arthur Murray trained Social dance instructor