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How to club dance

How to club danceFreestyle dancing is a personal thing. There are some basic moves that I teach. Here is a video from YouTube of a man who teaches some of the same techniques that I do. There are three sections of your body that are used for learning how to club dance:

1) The Head

2) The torso

3) the legs or knees.

The head is mainly used as a accent. That means when the music is doing something that moves you – like a drum beat – you move the head slightly left or right to match the music.

The main action comes from your knees. A bounce to the beat of the music. If you need help getting started, please give me a call to set up an appointment. Once you know the basics, you can practice on your own in front of a mirror.

Please note, when the torso moves, the movement comes from the waist and never, ever from the shoulders. If you want to learn how to club dance and are in the Orlando, Florida area, please call for an appointment:


How to club dance