Healthy Living – Health Nut Turns Certified Nut – Are you next?

Healthy Living – Health Nut Turns Certified Nut – Are you next?

Thea is on the Right

Healthy Living takes planning ahead. People often wonder how I started in the field of nutrition. The answer is simple. I have a Ph.D. in nutrition because of Thea. Let me explain.

When my first daughter, Theresa, was born, she was just perfect. (She’s the little girl on the left.) I can still remember looking at her for the first time in the delivery room. I couldn’t believe she belonged to me. As I stared at her, she looked back so lovingly and asked ever-so sweetly, “Who are you?”
I said, “I’m your mother.”
She asked, “Oh, and what’s my name?”
“Your name is Theresa – named after my mother.” I said.
“Oh, I like that. Who is that nice man with you?” she smiled.
“That’s your father.” I said proudly.
“I like him. I like you, too. What time would you like to wake up tomorrow morning?” she inquired.
“Oh,” I was a little surprised. “How about seven?”
“Yes, mommy dearest.” She cooed.
The next morning, Theresa woke us up at 8 a.m. I told my husband, I wanted many, many children. He agreed.

Twenty-two months later, I delivered Thea. I can still remember the first time I saw precious little Thea in the delivery room.
I looked lovingly at her and she asked, “Who are you, LADY?”
“Huh? I’m your mother,” I was surprised by her take-charge attitude.
“Yeah, yeah. And who is the dumb guy with you?” she barked.
“That’s your father,” I said feeling a little hurt.
“Okay,” she ordered. “Things are different. I’m here now. I’m gonna wake up at one a.m., and I’m gonna scream – – just like this! Arrrrrrgh!” and you better come quick!”

Thea had a bad case of colic. Even though I nursed Thea, she still suffered. She was so sensitive that she broke out when I ate strawberries. Thea’s colic didn’t stop at three months, she had the six-month colic. Poor baby – she screamed and screamed and I cried along with her. When she got older and started to talk, some of her first sentences were “Mommy, my tummy hurts.”

Healthy Living I was desperate for healthy living. I started searching for information about food. I began changing the way we ate as a family. Thea’s tummy aches gradually went away. That searching continues today and is a part of this website. Thea was born in 1982 and has been a long search that I want to share with you and your family. There are a lot of secrets here that have helped us, and my hope and prayers is that they help you as well.