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Health Benefits of Ballet

Health Benefits of Ballet. If you are thinking about giving ballroom dance lessons to your children — that’s boys or girls, think again. The foundation of correct movement is ballet. Not only are their health benefits of Ballet instead of sit down activities for kids,  ballet builds self esteem.

Health Benefits of BalletHere in Orlando I recommend that parents sign their children up at an early age to start dancing. Ballet dancing will help your children to walk better, stand better and help in every sport they want to take up later in life. I give semi-private ballet dance lessons for you and your child. The lesson is 30 minutes in length. You will dance WITH your child. No observing adults allowed. The price is $15. for the both of you. ages two years old and up OR special need children.

If you prefer a large group lesson, I suggest the Orlando ballet in Orlando and surrounding cities. I suggest Capezio Ballet Shoes.

Health Benefits of BalletI remember when my daughters were four and six years old. They loved to play with each other. I had a built-in activity center. Never had to search for a play date. Wonderful.

I wanted to inspire my girls to be all they wanted to be. Ballet lessons were foundational to me growing up. Ballet helped me to have more confidence in myself, more poised, and much more co-coordinated.

As a teenager, I took ballet every day in public high school. We performed every Christmas for the entire high school — many happy memories! I felt my girls were ready for ballet lessons, so I found a school, scraped the money together, and scheduled our first appointment. I was soooooo excited.

The teacher was nice, the ballet room had a special ballet barre just for their special height. Purrrrr – FECT! But, there was one slight problem — my girls were hysterical after the lesson. They didn’t just hate it, they HATED it. Disappointed, I looked for other ways to inspire them.

Well, it is now 20 plus years later, and today I have grand-daughters — three of them! I guess I had to wait a generation in order to inspire some new ballerinas. We went on line and found the perfect place for them to dance. Before their first dance lesson, we took a trip to a second-hand store, and what was waiting for us there? A pair of Pink Ballet Slippers that were ready for the oldest grand daughter to wear. Ahhhh, Devine Providence at work! We scooped them up and felt very blessed we drove home.

IHealth Benefits of Ballet suggestion the Orlando City Ballet, 1811 West State Road 434, Longwood, Florida 32750 They have several studios, so call them at (407) 834-8895 to find a location near you.

I teach ballroom dance lessons, but I do NOT want to teach ballroom to children who need a foundation of dance before they do ballroom. So, take it from a pro who cares, give your children Ballet lessons.

Health Benefits of Ballet are both physical and emotional. There is nothing better for emotional health than exercise with up-lifting music and movement used together to change anyone’s attitude and self confidence that will last a lifetime.

Diana Jo Rossano, dance instructor. If you have any questions about health benefits of Ballet , please call. 407-297-9048 for private group lessons for Moms and Tots.