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Learning to Be Happy is a life-long goal that takes some discipline

HAPPY Being happy is the life goal for most humans. If you have recently broken up with your main squeeze, please know that this person left because of this same goal to find happiness.  On the other hand, if you want to know how to make someone happy, let me share what I learned in my own life.

I realized that my efforts to make some one else happy was futile. If you have just become engaged, and your fiance makes you so happy, please realize that happiness is a decision that you make. Your finance doesn’t make you happy – you make yourself happy. How?

People are happiest when they give themselves away. So, maybe your finance makes you happy because you give yourself to this person. How? By doing things for him/her? You are investing your life into this person, a family member or friend. Happiness is the basic decision to be happy with the things as they are right now.

Finding happiness isn’t established with the new wedding, a wedding anniversary, a honeymoon to Hawaii or any other event you might be planning. Yes, events are times of excitement, but planning events is NOT how you can become happy. Life events come and special events go, but the decision to be happy is made on a day by day basis or sometimes even hourly.

HAPPY When I went through a divorce I realized my goal was to make the other person happy, but it didn’t work and I was puzzled why I had failed. That’s when I realized that happiness was my decision, and my spouse had to make the same decision for himself.

He chose to find happiness someplace else – a good thing for me because it freed me to do the same. Spending my life with someone who doesn’t celebrate me as the best thing that ever happened to him would have been a sad way for me to live my life.

HAPPY Instead, I was free to make the decision to be happy being single. I found out that I didn’t truly know me, and had to find my way back to myself to find out what made me happy. I started a file about things I liked to do. I started walking in a club, bike riding with new friends, and then one day I rediscovered ballroom dancing and I was home.

Fast forward ten years, and today I am a social dance instructor in Orlando, and I have found my favorite hobby to bring me joy. I give wedding dance lessons for the first dance, wedding dances and social ballroom dance classes. I love to dance. People make appointments to dance with me. I play all my favorite music and then before my students leave they pay me.

HAPPY Life is good. Find reasons to dance! Find your special reasons to be happy. If you want to try ballroom dance lessons, call: 407-297-9048.