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First Wedding DanceIf you want to WOW family and friends for your First Wedding Dance, you have found your dance teacher! Five lessons will transform you from having two left feet, to make you look fantastic.

Here’s how: First Wedding Dance should be about two minutes long, maybe two and a half minutes. We want to practice a very well known technique in performance.  What’s the concept? Always leave your audience wanting more.

First Wedding DanceNext? You will take five dance lessons for $225. That works out to $45. per one-hour dance lesson. If you want to take one lesson at a time, the price will be $60. per hour. I give a $15 an hour discount because you buy five lessons at one time.

See the picture on the left? That’s a great trick that will WOW everyone. No one will ever know that this was your first dance performance that you have ever done in your life, and my lips are sealed.

First Wedding DanceAbout 90 percent of the steps you do for the first wedding dance can be used when you take your Bride dancing at someone else’s wedding, Christmas party or a night to paint the town red for your anniversary.

Beginning First Dance Package:
5 Wedding Dance Lessons
Written list of dance steps
Simple Dance Trick (lean)
Your choice of an additional simple dance trick
End of song dip with spin
A curtsy and bow.
Your investment $225

One payment of $225 is made at first wedding  dance lesson. Check and charge, please add $10 service fee. Take $5 off for cash.

First Wedding Dance

Call now for details. 407-297-9048