First Dance Lesson - WOW Family and Friends at the reception with EASY Dance Moves - Two Left Feet Dance Lessons near Orlando

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Do you think you have no rhythm? Then watch the video at the very bottom of the link on the left to prove differently.
First Dance Lessons near Orlando, Florida 32714 Call 407-297-9048 for a free consultation about your first dance at your wedding. WOW family and friends in as little as two dance lessons. You don't have to suffer through your first dance by swaying to the music as you danced in junior high school. Really. I have a special technique to help you get on the dance floor FAST! I like to suggest a five-one-hour dance lesson package, because it includes a free simple music edit, five, one-hour lessons and a print out of your choreographed steps. But if you are up against a time and budget constraint, I can still help you. Please add $25 for the music edit.
Two Dance Lessons for $100:
In two first dance lessons, (one hour each) I will teach you how to walk on the dance floor with some pizazz, cue the music and start your memorable journey to dance the way you have always wanted to dance.  Here's what you will be taught: Two dance moves that match your music dance style - like a slow or a fast dance - then one dance trick, a dip for a fabulous ending. Done? Almost. I will also help you to bow and curtsey as your friends and family celebrate your best day and best performance of your life with applause!! Your worst nightmare of dancing like you did in Junior High School is history!
Lesson Cancellations: Same-day dance lesson cancellations are $10 as a rescheduling fee. All other changes to the time and date of your dance lessons are free.
Free First Dance Lesson Consultation:
Call for an appointment to get a free first dance lesson consultation. You can schedule your first dance lessons for a later time OR you can have the first dance lessons right after the free consultation. Payment is accepted after the first dance lesson. Sorry, but I do not accept checks - too much math. I do accept credit cards, but there is a $15 fee. That means your credit card would charged $115. for two, one-hour first dance lessons. Cash is preferred - $100. Save $15. Call now to get started: 407-297-9048  

Free MUSIC Editing when using one song:
Ninty- Nine percent of all wedding music must be edited so the performance is about two and a half minutes in duration. I will edit one song for free. If you have two songs for your performance, then there is a PRICE INCREASE of $25.  and $45 for three songs in addition to the $225 charge for five, one hour dance lessons. Why? Because most people who edit music lack teaching experience and will not know when to slow the music to make it an easier performance nor will they know which part of the music has a constant beat or the best beat for beginners.  Call 407-297-9048 for additional questions.
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