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Disability Dance Lessons- Legally Blind but Cutting a Rug with His Main Squeeze for their wedding dance.

Finding a place for disability dance lessons may seem difficult, but you haven’t tried Diana Jo Rossano – that’s me. My motto? If you can stumble, you can learn to dance. While taking a dance lesson in a wheel chair may be difficult, I concentrate on individuals who can walk without sitting down. (crutches are fine.)

One of my students, James is legally blind, but is learning how to dance quite well. Of course, consult with your physician or physical therapist before taking any exercise program. On James and Natalie’s third dance lesson of a five dance lesson wedding package they were improving by leaps and bounds and began to look like a couple dancing for their first dance as man and wife. This improvement was greatly attributed to the fact that they practiced every evening after dinner for 15 minutes.

Natalie was concerned about the large difference in their height, but it didn’t matter after I told her a few secret techniques. My main goal in teaching a couple to dance is to show the man how to lead, and the woman how to follow. This way if he makes a mistake on the dance floor, the woman follows whatever dance move he makes.

I like to call the man the pencil and the woman the eraser. Many times I have watched my students dance their first dance together where the woman (on her wedding day) is not capable of thinking about anything but being beautiful. And the man has methodically practiced his cool dance moves to make the couple look fantastic on the dance floor.

Most of my students feel that they have “Two Left Feet,” but after taking my dance classes they realized that if you can stumble, you can learn to dance. Disability Dance lessons include having a knee that doesn’t work well because of an accident. Vision that is impaired, using a cane or crutches.

One of my students was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident where he was very fortunate to be alive – – we just made the steps work that he could “cheat” and not use that one leg to turn on, and he was leading his partner who danced without knowing he had a problem.

You must be able to walk. If you use a cane, you can come in for a 20 minute trial dance lesson for free to see if you can dance at your special occasion or wedding dance.

Disability Dance lessons included one of my students had Parkinson’s Disease, and disability exercise dancing became good therapy for his disease to help him with his neurological challenges. He was making new pathways in his brain from his muscles and he seemed to feel better after taking the lessons. Of course, he continued his dance therapy after he stopped taking dance lessons with me.

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