New Years Resolution to exercise? Stop fighting with yourself to go to the gym.

New Years Resolution to exercise? Stop fighting with yourself to go to the gym. Try dancing and love it!

We make a New Years Resolution and then it becomes difficult to make that resolution good. Did you know that people who make resolutions are more likely to have success than those who don’t bother? These people my not accomplish their goal right out of the box, but research says that if they keep trying year after year that one of those years they succeed.

New Years Resolution is good for you because you will succeed, but the first step is to try. Don’t be discouraged, don’t fear failure, but go for it. So, you fail? Then what? Does the board of directors of success international write you a ticket? Of course not. People admire people who try. Don’t give up, your goals to lose weight or to find new people can happen, but it won’t happen if you don’t try. So, try. If you fail, try again and some day soon you will succeed. As Daddy always said, “Nothing beats a try, not even a failure.”

New Years Resolution to exercise more starts with a phone call: 407-297-9048 – Everyone knows that if you don’t like the exercise, you won’t do it. Stop fighting with yourself to go to they gym. Get out, get social and get slim.

New Years Resolution
Diana Jo Rossano, Ph.D.

Traditional Wedding Dance on sale now!

Traditional Wedding Dance on sale now!

Traditional Wedding Dance
Traditional Wedding Dance

Traditional Wedding Dance isn’t as difficult as you may think. Shorten your music, take a few lessons and success will be yours that won’t break the bank.

Traditional Wedding Dance is the choice of most of the students who come to learn to dance for their first dance together as husband and wife. In just five dance lessons, you too can join the ranks of people who look good on the dance floor. Diana Jo Rossano is an Arthur Murray trained dance instructor and can help you look good for less money, in less time and have more fun.

Jo is an educator for the past 30 years and with all that expertise, she can help you to get on the dance floor and impress everyone at your wedding. The cost for a five lesson dance package is $225. If you mention this web page, you can get your music edited to two minutes (or 2.5 minutes) for FREE. The price to edit your music is normally between $15 and $25, but the fee will be waived.

Don’t delay, make your reservation now. A free wedding consultation is available if you need more information or help picking your first dance music.


Traditional Wedding Dance
Traditional Wedding Dance

Traditional Wedding Dance

Couple Activities near Orlando for people with Two Left Feet- 407-297-9048

Couple Activities near Orlando for people with Two Left Feet- 407-297-9048

Couple Activities near Orlando. Think out of the box for something to do for a date. A dance lesson may be a great idea or just a simple walk on the best beach in Florida – Daytona Beach. This is a great way to learn about each other. Please take a short trip up the sandy beach with me and see the sites and hear the sounds of my favorite place on earth. The Daytona Beach Pier renovations can be seen, too.  View the video below and enjoy the sounds and sights of the beach without leaving your computer.

Can’t get the beat when you dance? Couple Activities near Orlando – you can dance together. No, it is not as difficult as you may think. Yes, Diana Jo Rossano is able to help everyone who has come for dance lessons since 2006 to find the beat of the music. Yes, you can learn. How? With a little help from your friends.

Couple Activities near OrlandoDiana Jo Rossano is an Arthur Murray Dance Studio trained social dance teacher. She can help you get on the dance floor and get comfortable. Call for a free consultation.


Couple Activities near Orlando


Orlando Country Dancing – Save money on dance lessons – Easier to learn with private dance lessons

Orlando Country Dancing

Learn to dance waltz Orlando
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Orlando Country Dancing with Diana Jo Rossano is easier than you might think. Why? She trains visually, which means that first you see the step and then you learn the step with a partner.

Learning how to dance separate from your partner is difficult. But, when new students see the new dance step with a partner and see the relationship of how the steps look, it is easier to learn how to dance. Please call: 407-297-9048.


Orlando Country Dancing At Two Left Feet visual learning is the most important part of the learning experience. Toys are excellent examples for teaching. Like what? I show a toy of Captain Hook and then tell my students they may NOT hold onto each other with their thumbs, but pretend their hands have become hooks like the Captain. Good? Yes, for visual learners, this has proven to be a very good way to each them.


Also, Jo will back lead the new leader to allow their muscles to feel the new dance lead, and then repeat it. It is much easier for the muscle and brain connection to be made when it is first initiated by an outside source rather than waiting until the lead is learned. The learning happens much quicker with a back lead.

Orlando Country Dancing – Learn to Dance Fast!

Orlando Country Dancing

Private Dance Lessons Orlando on sale now! Find new friends that love to dance! Call now: 407-297-9048

Private Dance Lessons Orlando

Private Dance Lessons OrlandoPrivate Dance Lessons Orlando will help you learn how to dance FAST. You will never be lost again and feeling like you have two left feet. Please watch below to see Arthur Murray Dance Instructor, Diana Jo Rossano and Bob dance a Foxtrot. The music has been replaced with stock music, but you can still see the fun and freedom of dancing the Foxtrot.

Bob has been Ballroom dancing for over fifteen years, and despite being over 80 years of age and an injured knee, he makes the Foxtrot look very easy. You can learn to dance, too. Until you have experienced the difference between a group class with 20 people or more, and a private dance lesson with one-on-one help, you won’t realize how easy and fun dancing can be. Getting a foundation learning to dance takes about five-to-ten dance lessons. A little pricey to get you started, but the next time you take a group dance lesson you will be amazed how much faster you can learn to dance.

Private Dance Lessons OrlandoPrivate Dance Lessons Orlando is where you can learn to dance with a few fun and easy dance lessons. No, you won’t be as good as Bob, he has been dancing for well over fifteen years. But with five dance lessons you can learn the rumba, swing and slow dance. Yes, you can.

Many people think that they don’t have rhythm and they have two left feet, but Arthur Murray trained dance instructor, Diana Jo Rossano has helped countless students to get on the dance floor and enjoy life with ballroom dancing.

Learning to dance is a great way to find a whole batch of new friends can help you change your life. Are your old friends in a couch potato rut? Change where you meet your friends and your life could take a turn for the better.

Private Dance Lessons OrlandoDivorce can mean a rough road. Talking to your friends who were your friends when you were married can be stressful. It is not un-normal for friends to feel that they must chose sides between you and your former spouse. As sad as that situation sounds, it seems to happen more times than not. Take the scariest step of your life and do something new. Break out of your rut and become a new you. You are only a telephone call away.


Private Dance Lessons Orlando


Arthur Murray dance instructor is Diana Jo Rossano – 407-297-9048

Arthur Murray dance instructor Arthur Murray dance instructor is Diana Jo Rossano. In 1996 Diana Jo Rossano was trained to dance by Arthur Murray dance studios. Now it is y our turn to learn how to dance by an Arthur Murray dance instructor. Dance lessons are expensive, but dancing with Diana Jo Rossano will save you lots of money.

The holidays are almost here. There are parties headed your way. Maybe you have been invited to a wedding? Don’t be afraid of the dance floor, get comfortable on the dance floor with a few dance classes to get you started couple dancing fast. The classes are one hour.  How does this sound to you?

1) Learn Basic swing

2) Basic Cha cha

3) Basic box – good for waltz and other slow songs.

Arthur Murray dance instructorEach lesson has a review so you will never be lost. As you may know, it costs a lot of money to take dance lessons at Arthur Murray, but this is your opportunity to invest in you for just $50. that is less than going out to eat dinner. This is for a hour dance lesson with non-stop fun. Dinner goes away in a couple of hours, but you will remember your dance lesson for the rest of your life. Call now to get comfortable on the dance floor.


Arthur Murray dance instructor is Diana Jo Rossano

Wedding Music Ideas – What are popular wedding songs for people with 2 left feet?

Wedding Music Ideas – How Long Should your Dance be?

Wedding Music Ideas running low? If you are finding songs you like, but they are too long, you do have another way to take care of the song length. You can edit the music to a 2.5 minute length. It is always a good idea to leave your audience wanting MORE!

wedding music ideasIf your dance instructor is unable to help you, and you don’t want to hire a professional audio man, try editing the song yourself. There is a free program on line called, “Audacity.” The program is fairly intuitive and can shorten your son fairly easy.

The best wedding music ideas are keeping the song simple. You can remove some of the intro because it is difficult to dance to intro music, and you can cut some of the ending. Taking out sections of music in the middle should be left to the musicians and the skilled audio person.

Learn to dance waltz Orlando
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I recently edited a six minute song down to 2.5 minutes. I started 3.5 minutes into the song at the chorus and it worked great. I did a fade up into the song, and everyone was very happy.

It’s like the man who moved to Orlando, Florida and all his relatives came to visit. He solved his visitor problem with towels that say, “His” and “Get out of Here!”

What’s the first rule of entertaining your wedding guests? Always leave them wanting MORE and then “Get out of there.”  Your first dance should be prepared, learned, practiced and then performed. Not too fancy, but just fancy enough to show you were entertaining.

If your song is 4 or 5 minutes in length, you could be the best dancers on the planet and people would think the wedding dance was still too long. Here is my suggestion: 2-to-2.5 minutes seems to be perfect timing to be entertaining. I edit the song to that time limit, and everyone is happy. The guests are happy, and the Bride and Groom have a limited time period to entertain that is attainable with about five wedding dance lessons.



wedding music ideasI have had shorter times – like the Father-daughter dance a few years ago — the Father was from out of town and only had time for one dance lesson. To complicate matters, he had never danced before and the song was 5.5 minutes. YIKES! I shortened the song to about one minute and made the music ten percent slower – – no one could tell – not even the Bride. Again, everyone was happy and his performance shocked everyone who knew he didn’t have any dance experience.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about your wedding dance song — keep the first rule of entertaining and your wedding dance will be a hit performance at the reception. What’s the first rule of all entertaining? As our beginning joke says, “Get out of Here!” – – don’t linger. Leave family and friends wanting more!