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Dance Classes Adults  - 30 minutes from Orlando - 407-297-9048
My studio is only 30 minutes from downtown Orlando. One mile west of I4 and 434. If you don't have rhythm, two left feet, you can stumble into Two Left Feet to take advantage of simple lessons for simple people. Don't be afraid - you can do this with a little help from your friend - Diana Jo Rossano,dance teacher. The studio is quiet and no other dance lessons will be going on at the time of your private dance lesson. If you mess up, no one will know except the cat. But, don't worry the cat won't be there, because she loves playing with her friends - the lizards - outside.

Dance Classes Adults suggest a package of five, one-hour dance lessons to get you started. After five dance classes, you will be able to get on the dance floor with some cool dance moves that will make you look great! You won't be uncomfortable around the dance floor anymore, and you can finally do what you have been dreaming to do for a long time - dance! Lesson Cancellations: Same-day dance lesson cancellations are $10 as a rescheduling fee. All other changes to the time and date of your dance lessons are free.
Dance Classes Adults is affordable. Check out the prices. I teach Ballroom, Country, Salsa, Swing, Waltz and lounge dancing (free-style dancing) and Wedding Dance Classes. Call for a free consultation to map out a plan just for you and the plans you have to go dancing soon. 407-297-9048

Lesson Courtesies:
· Same-Day Dance Lesson Cancellations are $10.
· You must call before the lesson to cancel it or be charged $55.
· If you are going to be more than five minutes late, you must call 407-297-9048.
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