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How to Dance Cha Cha now:

Dance Cha ChaIf you are wondering how to dance cha cha, here is a walk around turn technique that will help you with ballroom dance lessons.  How to dance cha cha is a very versatile dance because you can dance cha cha to many styles of dance. The “excuse me” step is taken from a step you do when you go to the movies late and find the only seat left is all the way inside the aisle. That means you must slide across in front of all the people who were there on time and say, “Excuse me, excuse me – oh sorry – excuse me.”

When you are doing this step-together movement with your feet, you are actually doing the cha cha cha part of how to dance cha cha. Your feet come together (almost touching, but not touching) and you are doing a move of the cha cha without even knowing it. In ballet, this step is called, “Chasse” (pronounced SHAH say) because one foot is chasing the other foot.

Dance Cha ChaLearn to dance waltz OrlandoAt Two Left Feet Dance Lessons in Orlando, I tell my students, “If you can stumble, you can learn to dance.” The walk around part of this cha cha demo is taken from a step when you go into the kitchen to get something, but when you arrive in the kitchen, you forgot what it was you were after. So, you pivot on both feet to make an abrupt turn around or “walk around” step. It is done by shifting your weight to the balls of your feet.

Dance Cha ChaAgain, how to dance cha cha uses steps that you use in your regular walking steps. The only way you can get off step is by not completely shifting your weight each time you walk. Making a partial weight change may be the most common mistake that beginners make when they learn to to dance cha cha.


Diana Jo Rossano, Dance Instructor to beginners, Orlando, Florida