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Contact Dance Lessons Orlando: 407-297-9048
Two Left Feet Dance Lessons is one mile west of I4 & the Longwood Exit (Number 94) Buy one lesson at a time for $60 an hour. Purchase three lessons at a time for $150 or $50 per one-hour dance lesson  Four lessons would be $200, but you will need to add $25 for a simple music edit and a print out of your choreographed steps. Both the music edit, print out and fifth dance lesson are free when you purchase the five lesson package for $225.

Free MUSIC Editing when using one song:
Ninty- Nine percent of all wedding music must be edited so the performance is about two and a half minutes in duration. I will edit one song for free. If you have two songs for your performance, then there is a PRICE INCREASE of $25.  and $45 for three songs in addition to the $225 charge for five, one hour dance lessons. Why? Because most people who edit music lack teaching experience and will not know when to slow the music to make it an easier performance nor will they know which part of the music has a constant beat or the best beat for beginners.  Call 407-297-9048 for additional questions.
Going to a lounge or wedding, or salsa? You can take five lessons you will get on the floor to dance quickly.

A one-hour, private dance lesson is $60 for couples or for singles. Please take $10 off your first dance lesson when you mention visiting this website. Buy a package of five dance lessons and save $15. per hour because the price drops to $45 for a one-hour private dance lesson. Credit card accepted, but there is a processing fee of $15.  Sorry, NO CHECKS. Lesson Cancellations: Same-day lesson cancellations are $10 for a rescheduling fee. All other changes to the time and date your dance lessons are free.
FREE Consulttions for people with two left feet -I can fix that:
First Dance and other wedding dance lessons sometimes need a consultation to choose an appropriate wedding song or finding out what dance matches your First Dance Song. Confused about wedding dance shoes? No worries because the consultation is free. This service is offered to help you decide on these very important parts of making your wedding wonderful. Lesson Cancellations: Same-day dance lesson cancellations are $10 as a rescheduling fee. All other changes to the time and date of your dance lessons are free.
Dance lessons are affordable when you go to Two Left Feet Dance Lessons Orlando. Learn to dance without breaking your budget. Wedding Dance Lessons can be taken one at a time, three at a time or as a five, one-hour dance lesson package. No contracts, no commitments but to have fun and get comfortable on the dance floor. The five lesson package includes a free simple music edit, five, one-hour lessons and a print out of your choreographed steps. Buying lessons one at a time does NOT include this bonus.
Learn how to Dance:
You can learn how to dance ballroom or other social dancing by making one easy phone call. Have your calendar available and make your appointment now. If I am busy giving a dance lesson, your call will go to voice mail because I don't like interrupting a private dance lesson. Don't worry, I'll call you back within 24 hours. Get started now by calling: 407-297-9048
What to bring with you for your first Dance Lesson
Comfortable clothes like you are going to work out - YES, I'm going to make you sweat. We don't dance in shoes so bring some cotton socks. No nylon socks, please - too slippery. And, most important, bring your smile because we will spend a lot of time dancing and laughing. If you mess up, we laugh. If you learn a step, we celebrate and laugh. If you need a review, we laugh. If you have questions, you get answers and laugh because the answer is usually a simple one.
How do I get started dancing?:
If you are in a wedding, going to a wedding, lounge, anniversary or ballroom dance, it is very easy to get started. Call: 407-297-9048 with your calendar available. We find a time and a date that works for all the participants, and we schedule the time and place. Simple - which is my favorite word of mine. So, stop reading this website and give me a call right now and start having the time of your life on the dance floor. Get started now by calling: 407-297-9048
If you are new to the couple dance world and always wanted to try ballroom dancing, but you aren't sure if you will like it, then keep reading. I offer an "I hate it special." Here's how it works. If you don't like your dance lesson after 15 minutes (I can time it if you ask) then cancel the lesson and owe nothing. If your work schedule changes, and you must cancel after a few lessons, your refund will be prorated without the discount.
Cancelling a Dance Lesson:
Work schedule change? Never a cost for changing an appointment with 24-hour notice. If your schedule changes 12 hours or less, then there is a $10 rescheduling fee for changing your dance lesson time. Unfortunately, when you cancel a dance lesson under three hours, you will pay for the full price of the dance lesson. Emergencies are an exception. An example of an emergency would be having a car accident on the way to dance class. Most people know when they are sick more than three hours before their dance lesson.
Call Backs, returned texts and replied emails:
Please allow 24 hours before becoming concerned. I answer phone calls first - about 7 hours. Texts are next in priority, and last - takes the longest for a reply are emails.
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