Bring the Cinderella Ballroom Dance into your First Dance as Husband and wife

Cinderella Ballroom Dance

The Cinderella Ballroom dance is spectacular. (see the trailer below) The camera work to show closeups of the Prince and Cinderella give just a hint of what the dance looks like, but there is enough to make a 2.5 first dance at your wedding to feel like a fairy tale.

Disney’s Cinderella Ballroom Dance scene doesn’t have a dance trick, but that doesn’t stop us from putting an awesome trick in the dance to add a special flare to make the dance your own.

Here is one of the official trailer’s for Disney’s Cinderella 2015 movie.

The dance, “La Valse de L’Amour” by Patrick Doyle can be slowed down to make the dance music easier to dance to for beginners. The dance steps will be easy to accomplish by taking the easier of the steps, and put them to the slowed-down music.

Cinderella Ballroom DanceThe Bride will learn to follow and the Groom will learn to lead so if a move is taken out of sequence because the Groom may be nervous, there are no worries because the Bride will follow her Prince – I mean – Groom.

Each of the five dance lessons are one-hour in length. You will be expected to practice 20 minutes together for four or five times during the week in-between dance lessons that should happen for five weeks in a row. Four dance lessons will be used to learn steps, and the last lesson will be a rehearsal. Bring your dance shoes, and the bridal slip so the Groom can feel the bulkiness of the dress. If you don’t have a slip because your slip has been sewn into your wedding dress, no worries because Diana Jo Rossano can supply you with a slip to use for the entire dance lesson.

Cinderella Ballroom Dance

Diana Jo Rossano has been teaching wedding and ballroom dance lessons for nine years in the Orlando area. Read her reviews to see what previous students have said about her teaching methods. Her background is ballet and is Arthur Murray trained to dance ballroom. An inexpensive way to get quality dance instruction for your day in the spot light.

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