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Wedding Dance Classes

Wedding Dance Classes with a few dance classes can take you a long way to look great on the dance floor. Here are a few pictures of Paul and Tina as they dance their first dance together. They took wedding dance classes to learn how to dance at their wedding and how to do their special dance together. Here is a trick we added to their first dance for wedding dance lessons – it is called a death drop:

 wedding dance classesWedding Dance Classes: This is a dance position I call, “Hold Up position.” One of my standard ways to teach couples how to dance is to teach the leader to lead and the follower to follow. That may sound logical, but that doesn’t normally happen in a wedding dance lesson. Then on the wedding day the groom makes a mistake and the bride gets confused because she knows which steps should follow the next step. I am happy to say that Tina gave up her brain and followed Paul completely. I heard from Paul that the DJ messed up their music and did NOT play the short version of the song, but played the four minute version. Tina said, “Really? I didn’t know that.” Ahhhhh, a good follower! I am so proud.

Wedding Dance Classes paid off for them. Paul went through his routine twice and they didn’t miss a beat. What could have proven to be a disaster, proved to be their first challenge as a team and they passed with flying colors. I am proud of them! Yes, they WOW’ed their family and friends. Paul was known as a man with two left feet, but he prompted proved them wrong. I was told by them that they have gone to weddings and they still remember their dance steps.

wedding dance classesIf you would like a success story for your First dance, take five-hours of your time and take wedding dance classes. Call now for an appointment: 407-297-9048


The wedding cake is eaten, the dress is in storage, but Private Wedding Dance Lessons last a lifetime. 407-297-9048 for appointment

Private wedding dance lessons

Private Wedding Dance LessonsPrivate wedding dance lessons is a talent that lasts a lifetime. The cake will be eaten. The guests will go home. The memories will flood your mind and be there forever to recall and smile.

BUT, there is also something that you can take away with you until the day you take you last breath – the dance lessons you took together because dancing lessons last forever.

When you celebrate each wedding anniversary, it is my advice to recall how you met, when you knew were in love and wanted to spend the rest of your life with each other.

And if you can, play your first dance song, and dance.

Private Wedding Dance LessonsThe next time you go to a wedding you will have the ability to dance together. It may only be one type of song – the type of song you learned together to prepare for your first dance together as husband and wife but you can dance together and look like a couple. If your private wedding dance lessons were for the rumba or the waltz, then you will be able to get on the dance floor and be comfortable dancing a rumba or a waltz.

The fun you have at a dance lesson, the preparation for your first dance together helps to build your relationship as you both focus on your future. A wedding is one of the most important decisions that you make. Once you make it, do your best to make your wedding all you can make it. My first suggestion to anyone getting married, is to stay on budget. Never go into debt for any part of your wedding. Borrowing from your future as man and wife is not necessary if you plan well. Invite less people, make a shorter honeymoon, take less dancing lessons, wait a few months more so you can save your money. Lots of different options. Ask other couples what they did and what their opinion is to help you to plan.


Your first dance may not look like dancing with the stars, but you will be comfortable on the dance floor and that  is what counts for a lot. So, keep in your budget and purchase all the things you need for a memorable wedding.   Private wedding dance lessons by appointment only.

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How to Give a Wedding Toast- Relax and watch this video

How to Five a Wedding Toast- Relax and watch this video

Are you giving a wedding toast? Don’t sweat it. Please watch the video below to learn how to give a wedding toast.

Will there be a dance floor at the wedding? Don’t sweat that either. My specialty is to help people who think they have two left feet. Or is your fear of the dance floor caused by having no rhythm. I can help you with both issues. In fact, I can help you have some cool Wedding Dance moves with just five, one-hour dance lessons. Don’t worry, they are affordable and fun.

How to give a wedding toastIn as little as five dance lessons you can learn a beginning first dance for your wedding reception with some very cool dance moves to look great on the dance floor. It is not as difficult as you may think. If you concentrate on one dance — the First Wedding Dance — you can concentrate all your efforts on that one performance. First we take the music and make it shorter. Let’s face it, Fred and Ginger rarely performed over that three-minute mark. Fred and Ginger were one of the best dance partners of their era, but they limited their performance because of a basic concept when entertainment. What’s that concept? Always leave your audience wanting more.

How to Give a Wedding Toas

So, write out  an outline of what you want to say. Then memorize it. Start slow and you will know how to Give a Wedding Toast with a little practice.

Why Brides Wear White Dresses – a tradition you should know

Why brides wear white dresses

The tradition of why brides wear white dresses started in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. Her wedding dress created a lot of controversy because white was the color to be worn when you were in mourning.

Tradition also says that American brides love to wear white because it is the color of purity and secretly meant that the bride had not “known” man. Wedding dresses come in all types of shapes and sizes from strapless to full sleeves or lace and no lace. The sky is the limit and is guided by your imagination and budget.

Today first-time brides will stay with the color of white, but when getting married again, pick the color that you look best in for your wedding day. Queen Victoria’s rebellious color for her wedding has become the most recognized wedding day gown choice in the Western world.

When planning your wedding budget don’t forget the dance lessons because the skill you learn for your first dance together as husband and bride will last your entire life to be able to dance with your bride at other weddings in your life time together as husband and wife.

Why brides wear white dresses.

Dance Tricks Wow Family and Friends for your First Dance and are affordable at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons 407-297-9048

Dance Tricks FOR your first dance with only  five affordable dance lessons.

Dance TricksDance Tricks will WOW your wedding guests.  The first dance is a memorable life occasion. Add a fance dip, a lean and a special trick to help your performance WOW family and friends. Plus, you will always remember the time you had together learning to dance for the first time, and the comments your family will make after you perform the dance tricks.

Please watch Lauren and David (DJ) as they show you their simple dance step together that they practiced for their first dance together.

Dance TricksI edited the trick at 50 percent slower so you can see how it’s done. It is not as difficult as you may think. I always spot the Bride and have never once had anyone fall or almost fall. The Groom is not going to let go of his main squeeze. In fact, many of my Brides say, “Don’t squeeze me so much!” Ha!

We have an outstanding time learning how to do dance tricks as well as learning dance steps that will be used for the rest of their lives together. The cake will be eaten at the reception, your time in the hall will run out, and Bride’s dress will be put into storage. But, the dance lessons will remain in your minds and hearts for the rest of your lives.

Take the time and invest in your first dance and start your time together as husband and wife on your best foot with fun dance lessons. A few of the dances I teach are:

Adult Dance Classes


If you need some additional information, call me to schedule a consultation because it is free.  407-297-9048


Wedding First Dance Moves are affordable at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons 407-297-9048

Wedding First Dance Moves

Wedding First Dance Moves  can be very difficult to pull off successfully because of memorizing. If the Groom forgets a single step and puts one step out of order the entire dance could be a flop. Ooooo. Not good. I have an easier way.

Wedding First Dance Moves I prefer to teach the Groom how to lead. He can do the steps he knows in the order that those steps come to his thought processes. Meanwhile, I teach the Bride to follow. This is a perfect match for the First Dance, and it is a great way to learn how to dance for the rest of your lives and NOT just your first dance.

But, here’s a tip: if the Groom has a list of steps that he has learned and the Bride doesn’t know what steps the Groom is doing, and just uses her new skill of “following” the groom we have success. The groom cannot mess up. The Groom is the pencil and the Bride is the eraser. She follows him, and he leads.

Wedding First Dance Moves Here is the best part of Wedding First Dance Moves, the steps that the groom learns are social dancing steps. That means that the groom can take all of the steps he has learned on the Two Left Feet Dance Lessons floor and have cool dance moves for any dance floor.

The Groom may want to take his main squeeze to a wedding – not theirs – he can cut a rug and put his best foot forward on the dance floor. You see, the groom is now comfortable on the dance floor and not afraid that he and his Bride will look fantastic wherever they decide to dance.

Learn to dance waltz Orlando
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When you go on a cruise, the Wedding First Dance Moves are all transferable. You won’t need new dance lessons for non steps. You will be golden and able to dance your First dance for the rest of your lives together. You have learned a life skill, and not just a First dance.

This is your opportunity to can now learn how to dance from an Arthur Murray dance instructor. If you think you have two left feet, please remember what Jo Rossano’s motto is. . . . If you can stumble, you can dance.

Call for a free Wedding First Dance Moves consultation in Orlando. Just one mile west of I4 and Exit number 94. Wedding First Dance Moves is only 20 minutes north of downtown Orlando.

Wedding First Dance Moves Appointment times are easy to find: 407-297-9048. – no text please. Studio: 407-385-7034 If you would like to take a group dance lesson for your entire bridal party, you can do so because Diana Jo Rossano, dance teacher travels.

First Dance Lessons to stay on budget with five lessons. Call for a free wedding consultation 407-297-9048

First Dance Lessons near Orlando

First Dance Lessons don’t take as much time as you may think. Meet Tara and Adam – both are doctors with little time to take lessons, but they look great on their first dance lessons in Orlando.

First Dance Lessons

If they can do it, you can do it. The small 5-lesson package works out to $45. per, one hour private wedding first dance lessons. That’s incredible. Shorten your music to 2.5 minutes for an additional $25 or do the music editing yourself.

Watch Tara and Adam now! 407-297-9048

Dance Instructor Orlando, Diana Jo Rossano is a social dance instructor to beginner and intermediate dancers. Jo was trained by Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

Jo is a dance instructor Orlando who teaches dance in Altamonte Springs. Jo teaches in a very unique way – you might call her technique “Dancing on the Right Side of the Brain.” If you have trouble learning or think you have two left feet and no rhythm, please give Jo a chance to bring out the dancing part of your brain so you can enjoy dancing as a fun recreation and past time.

First Dance LessonsShe is located one mile west of I4 and Exit Number 94 (Longwood exit at State Road 434) in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It takes about 20 minutes from downtown Orlando to travel about 9 miles. Traffic is good – it takes less time. Traffic is bad (accident) – it takes longer. You can take a dance lessons before you go to work at 7:30 a.m. or you can go home, sit down and have your dinner and then go to the dance lesson at 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. Scheduling a dance lesson is all about you. Let Jo know your perfect schedule and she will do all she can to make things work. Every week you can change your lesson to a different time if you are on a swing shift.


Students dance in their stocking feet to accommodate a better understanding of learning to dance. Two Left Feet Dance Lessons does not have two lessons happening at the same time. There is never a worry of other dancing classes watching your class or hearing their music to disturb you with your dance music.