Traditional Wedding Dance on sale now!

Traditional Wedding Dance on sale now!

Traditional Wedding Dance
Traditional Wedding Dance

Traditional Wedding Dance isn’t as difficult as you may think. Shorten your music, take a few lessons and success will be yours that won’t break the bank.

Traditional Wedding Dance is the choice of most of the students who come to learn to dance for their first dance together as husband and wife. In just five dance lessons, you too can join the ranks of people who look good on the dance floor. Diana Jo Rossano is an Arthur Murray trained dance instructor and can help you look good for less money, in less time and have more fun.

Jo is an educator for the past 30 years and with all that expertise, she can help you to get on the dance floor and impress everyone at your wedding. The cost for a five lesson dance package is $225. If you mention this web page, you can get your music edited to two minutes (or 2.5 minutes) for FREE. The price to edit your music is normally between $15 and $25, but the fee will be waived.

Don’t delay, make your reservation now. A free wedding consultation is available if you need more information or help picking your first dance music.


Traditional Wedding Dance
Traditional Wedding Dance

Traditional Wedding Dance

Wedding Music Ideas – What are popular wedding songs for people with 2 left feet?

Wedding Music Ideas – How Long Should your Dance be?

Wedding Music Ideas running low? If you are finding songs you like, but they are too long, you do have another way to take care of the song length. You can edit the music to a 2.5 minute length. It is always a good idea to leave your audience wanting MORE!

wedding music ideasIf your dance instructor is unable to help you, and you don’t want to hire a professional audio man, try editing the song yourself. There is a free program on line called, “Audacity.” The program is fairly intuitive and can shorten your son fairly easy.

The best wedding music ideas are keeping the song simple. You can remove some of the intro because it is difficult to dance to intro music, and you can cut some of the ending. Taking out sections of music in the middle should be left to the musicians and the skilled audio person.

Learn to dance waltz Orlando
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I recently edited a six minute song down to 2.5 minutes. I started 3.5 minutes into the song at the chorus and it worked great. I did a fade up into the song, and everyone was very happy.

It’s like the man who moved to Orlando, Florida and all his relatives came to visit. He solved his visitor problem with towels that say, “His” and “Get out of Here!”

What’s the first rule of entertaining your wedding guests? Always leave them wanting MORE and then “Get out of there.”  Your first dance should be prepared, learned, practiced and then performed. Not too fancy, but just fancy enough to show you were entertaining.

If your song is 4 or 5 minutes in length, you could be the best dancers on the planet and people would think the wedding dance was still too long. Here is my suggestion: 2-to-2.5 minutes seems to be perfect timing to be entertaining. I edit the song to that time limit, and everyone is happy. The guests are happy, and the Bride and Groom have a limited time period to entertain that is attainable with about five wedding dance lessons.



wedding music ideasI have had shorter times – like the Father-daughter dance a few years ago — the Father was from out of town and only had time for one dance lesson. To complicate matters, he had never danced before and the song was 5.5 minutes. YIKES! I shortened the song to about one minute and made the music ten percent slower – – no one could tell – not even the Bride. Again, everyone was happy and his performance shocked everyone who knew he didn’t have any dance experience.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about your wedding dance song — keep the first rule of entertaining and your wedding dance will be a hit performance at the reception. What’s the first rule of all entertaining? As our beginning joke says, “Get out of Here!” – – don’t linger. Leave family and friends wanting more!

Wedding First Dance Lesson Orlando On Sale in Altamonte Springs, Florida 20 minutes north of Orlando 407-297-9048

Wedding First Dance Lesson Orlando

Wedding First Dance Lesson Orlando to help you WOW family and friends and look comfortable on the dance floor. In a few lessons you can learn how to dance for your wedding first dance lesson Orlando.

Wedding First Dance Lesson OrlandoNo more imagining you and your new spouse swaying to the wedding first dance lesson Orlando – just like you danced in junior high school. With a few lessons you can learn a few steps to make you look good on the dance floor. With a few more lessons you can WOW family and friends. Prices start at $45 an hour when you purchase a five-lesson dance package.

If your budget isn’t that expensive, then try three dance lessons at $50 per lesson. These days it costs a lot to go out for a date, and what you eat is gone from your body. But a dance lesson is retained and can be used the next time you go to a wedding or other social occasion.

Wedding First Dance Lesson OrlandoIs time for you to invest in your relationship? Dancing is fun, great exercise and helps the mind-body connection to help you and your brain improve memory recall. Take the time out of your busy routine to plan some fun. You can call to schedule a free consultation to talk about your goals for dancing or for the wedding first dance lesson Orlando. No cost and no obligation for the consultation. Ballroom dancing is a whole new world of fun waiting for you to discover it with an easy phone call. 407-297-9048.

Wedding First Dance Lesson Orlando

Please call now to reserve your free consultation to help you chose your music and style of your first dance together as husband and wife.


Wedding Dance Lessons Maitland where people with two left feet go for first dance lessons 407-297-9048

Wedding Dance Lessons Maitland


A couple took wedding dance lessons Maitland and wrote to me and said,

Wedding Dance Lessons Maitland“We loved our Wedding Dance Lessons Maitland. The five lessons went by so quickly. We had fun practicing the way you told us to practice during the week, too. You made learning fun and we appreciate you. Plus tow of our wedding guests told us we looked like Dancing with the Stars when we did our special trick during our first dance routine. Thank you, you are an awesome teacher. We will tell our friends about you.”

Jonathan and Eli

I have been teaching since 2006 and my students think they have two left feet, but their hidden talents always come out before they finish their five wedding dance lessons Maitland. Think of dance lessons as an investment in your relationship. Why?

Wedding Dance Lessons MaitlandWell, the cake is gone, the wedding dress will be put away, but the memories of your wedding first dance together will live in your brain for the rest of your lives. Plus, when you and your spouse go to some of your friends weddings, you will be able to dance together. Your friends will be envious, and you will have the time of your lives dancing on the dance floor instead of sitting watching. Get into the fun!

Wedding Dance Lessons Orlando are affordable and fun. My regular prices are $60 an hour, but I have ways you can cut that price down. Take five wedding dance lessons and the hourly rate drops to $45 an hour. If you pay by cash, take another $5 off the total package.

Wedding Dance Lessons MaitlandIn as little as five dance lessons you can learn an awesome first dance routine that you will be proud about for your wedding reception guests. You will learn some very cool dance moves to look great on the dance floor.

Wedding Dance Lessons Maitland

Father Daughter Wedding Dance – How to select music -Free consultation 407-297-9048

Father Daughter Wedding Dance – How to select your music

Father Daughter Wedding DanceKnowing how long the father daughter wedding dance should be, can be difficult to know. The main way to think when doing any kind of performance is to: “Always leave your audience wanting MORE.” Shorter is better.

Two and a half minutes would be absolutely the LONGEST dance, and that time frame is usually reserved for the Bride and Groom who are the main attraction. Watch the video below.


If you don’t have any prior dance experience, I always suggest that you do a father daughter wedding dance that is about one-to-one and a half minutes of steps you do awesome. You can repeat the steps twice and no one will mind. Better to do three steps awesome than ten steps no so great. This is why my students always leave their father daughter wedding dance lessons feeling and looking GREAT! Call 407-297-9048. – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034

Learn to dance waltz Orlando
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A man I know played the piano in Key West. It was the first time he knew what key he was in. Don’t know anything about music? Don’t be afraid to pick your music for your dance with your Dad or Daughter. Here are a few tips to help:
1) Pick a song that has meaningful words for the two of you. Maybe a song when the daughter was a child? One of my Father-daughter dances danced to a song that the Bride-to-be chose when she was twelve years old. “I Feel Good” by James Brown. Meaningless to me, and maybe to most of the wedding guests, but when it was explained that Megan chose the song when she was twelve – everyone understood with a smile.

Father Daughter Wedding Dance2) Don’t worry about the beat or type of dance – that is on the dance instructor’s job description – not yours. Why? Because the tempo can be manipulated 5-to-20 percent without danger of the singer sounding like Mickey Mouse or a like he was dropped in a rain barrel. I had to manipulate the “I Feel Good” song to slow it down by 20 percent, that’s a lot! We added some mime for the Dad to “mouth” the part of the song that says, “I feel good – woooooo!” I later heard that everyone – including the wedding guests had a ton of fun with the performance. Did anyone realize the song had been shortened or made slower — no. Everyone was too busy laughing.

Father Daughter Wedding DanceDance instructors can help you adapt your dance to match your song. After all, if the Dad is leading, and the Daughter is following – you really don’t need any music in order to dance together for your wedding dance.

So, relax and just smile because that is the most important part of your wedding dance performance. If you want more tips, please call now for your free consultation. Invest in yourself, take lessons for the Father Daughter Wedding Dance. 407-297-9048. – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034


Father Daughter Dance Orlando- 2 left feet? Want affordable dance lessons? 407-297-9048

Father Daughter Dance Orlando

Father Daughter Dance Orlando
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Father Daughter Dance OrlandoFather Daughter Dance Orlando – Dancing with your father is a very memorable experience as you can see in the wedding picture to the left.

Jeanelle had an early dance with her father at her special Sweet Sixteen Dance together. See their video below. They chose “Dance with my Cinderella” I changed the music in the video because of copyright law. I do believe that the dad (Noel) is having as much fun as his daughter Jeanelle.

They are taking a five dance lesson package and having the time of their life dancing a waltz. Watch this short excerpt from this father daughter dance lesson Orlando. Laughing and giggling takes up a lot of their time together, but the laughing helps them to learn to dance better and faster. Plus the benefit they won’t understand today, they are building memories of just the two of them together. How is that worth? Money cannot buy such times in our lives. Take advantage of these precious moments and enjoy them. Afterall, you will live with the good times in your head until the day you leave this world.

Diana Jo Rossano has been teaching beginners who have zero dance experience how to dance for over en years. Have you read her reviews? She likes to use visual examples to help remember dance steps. No memorizing a list of dance steps because that is two difficult. Instead, you will be shown a visual of what she wants you to do. Need an example? Sure.

Father Daughter Dance OrlandoThere is a position in dance called, “Open position.” Diana Jo will show you a small toy that is a “Harley Davidson.” She asks you to imagine you are sitting on the Harley with your hands on the handle bars. Brrrrrum. And it is a great way to steer the Bride. When the position degrades, Jo simply says, “Harley Davidson” and the Groom remembers how to place his arms and corrects the open position to be correct.

If this way of teaching appeals to you, then call now for a free consultation. 407-297-9048

Father Daughter Dance Orlando is a life milestone as is dancing with Mom – see photo below.

Father Daughter Dance Orlando

Wedding Dance Classes Orlando Florida Learn fast, easy and affordable. 407-297-9048

Wedding Dance Classes Orlando Florida Save $$ When you buy a package of five lessons.

Dance Instructor Orlando, Diana Jo Rossano is a social dance instructor to beginner and intermediate dancers. Jo was trained by Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

Jo is a dance instructor Orlando who teaches dance in Altamonte Springs in a very unique way – you might call her technique “Dancing on the Right Side of the Brain.” The left side of the brain is the part of your brain that calculates, but the right side of your brain is the creative side. This is a proven way to learn to dance faster. If you have trouble learning or think you have two left feet and no rhythm, please give Jo a chance to bring out the creative dancing part of your brain so you can enjoy dancing as a fun recreation and exercise.

Wedding Dance Classes Orlando Florida is located one mile west of I4 and Exit Number 94 (Longwood exit at State Road 434) in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Wedding Dance Classes Orlando FloridaStudents dance in their stocking feet to accommodate a better understanding of learning to dance. Two Left Feet Dance Lessons does not have two lessons happening at the same time. There is never a worry of other dancing classes watching your class or hearing their music to disturb you with your dance music.

A memorable dance for a memorable day. Take the time today to make the memories that will stay with you for the rest of  your life. Don’t rush. Cherish every moment. Dance Lessons are a special time of your life to celebrate the special milestones in your life. Call now to discuss the difference that just five hours can make to the memories you will cherish for a life time. 407-297-9048.

SALE Now! Wedding Dance Classes Orlando Florida Save $$