Couple Activities near Orlando for people with Two Left Feet- 407-297-9048

Couple Activities near Orlando for people with Two Left Feet- 407-297-9048

Couple Activities near Orlando. Think out of the box for something to do for a date. A dance lesson may be a great idea or just a simple walk on the best beach in Florida – Daytona Beach. This is a great way to learn about each other. Please take a short trip up the sandy beach with me and see the sites and hear the sounds of my favorite place on earth. The Daytona Beach Pier renovations can be seen, too.  View the video below and enjoy the sounds and sights of the beach without leaving your computer.

Can’t get the beat when you dance? Couple Activities near Orlando – you can dance together. No, it is not as difficult as you may think. Yes, Diana Jo Rossano is able to help everyone who has come for dance lessons since 2006 to find the beat of the music. Yes, you can learn. How? With a little help from your friends.

Couple Activities near OrlandoDiana Jo Rossano is an Arthur Murray Dance Studio trained social dance teacher. She can help you get on the dance floor and get comfortable. Call for a free consultation.


Couple Activities near Orlando


Orlando Country Dancing – Save money on dance lessons – Easier to learn with private dance lessons

Orlando Country Dancing

Learn to dance waltz Orlando
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Orlando Country Dancing with Diana Jo Rossano is easier than you might think. Why? She trains visually, which means that first you see the step and then you learn the step with a partner.

Learning how to dance separate from your partner is difficult. But, when new students see the new dance step with a partner and see the relationship of how the steps look, it is easier to learn how to dance. Please call: 407-297-9048.


Orlando Country Dancing At Two Left Feet visual learning is the most important part of the learning experience. Toys are excellent examples for teaching. Like what? I show a toy of Captain Hook and then tell my students they may NOT hold onto each other with their thumbs, but pretend their hands have become hooks like the Captain. Good? Yes, for visual learners, this has proven to be a very good way to each them.


Also, Jo will back lead the new leader to allow their muscles to feel the new dance lead, and then repeat it. It is much easier for the muscle and brain connection to be made when it is first initiated by an outside source rather than waiting until the lead is learned. The learning happens much quicker with a back lead.

Orlando Country Dancing – Learn to Dance Fast!

Orlando Country Dancing

Activities for the Elderly – Special Low Price for Seniors ONLY!

Activities for the Elderly

Activities for the ElderlyActivities for the Elderly are easy to find in the City of Orlando. There are two recreational senior centers that offer ballroom dance events. One is Marks Street Senior Center at 99 Marks Street, and the other is the Beardall Senior Center 800 S. Delaney.

1) Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (five dollar admission) Marks Street Senior Center (downtown Orlando)

2)  Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ($4. admission) Beardall Senior Center (downtown Orlando)

Brain function is improved by dancing.  The thinking followed by using the body for movement establishes the brain connection like no other sport for seniors.

Activities for the ElderlyOf course dancing has cardiovascular benefits because any movement will increase circulation that proves to be excellent for the elderly and seniors.

The big band music on Tuesdays at Marks Street Senior center is fantastic for diminishing depression and the old songs that are played always brings pleasant memories to all who attend the dance.

Weight loss is helped by the exercise and two hours of dancing two times a week will help with anyone who wants to lose some pounds and inches.

Activities for the ElderlyNo single person dancing for activities for the elderly. There is one line dance played during the two hour dance when any singles are encouraged to join in the fun. Couple dancing is required at the two senior centers mentioned above. Single dancers will attend but NOT dance because every one brings their own partner.


Activities for the Elderly – Special Low Price for Seniors ONLY!

Learn to Ballroom Dance in Altamonte Springs, Florida – On Sale -Save Now! 407-297-9048 for appointment

Learn to Ballroom Dance to calm your nerves before your First Dance

LEARN TO BALLROOM DANCEAre you worried about how you can learn to dance for your wedding first dance? Thinking about cool dance moves, but you may not know any to perform as a couple? First of all, how long should your dance be? Well, let’s take a hint from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers — how long were their dances on the big screen?


I have noticed that they never danced more than three minutes. I read a story one time that Ginger’s feet were bleeding from doing so many takes for one dance. All of their steps were cool dance moves, but they were out to be their best and WOW their audience. The dance routines were well polished by the two (Fred & Ginger) skilled and talented dancers with a long background dancing.

Learn to Ballroom DanceMost dancers start dance lessons when they are in grammar school. Okay, if we take the concepts demonstrated by our heros — Fred Astaire — Three minutes or longer never happened. It is a general rule of thumb that if you already have your dance routine memorized that you need to practice at least one hour for every minute of dance performance. Fred and Ginger had the luxury of film and could retake a dance not up to parr.

Based on these generalities here are my suggestions when you go searching for the right dance studio or dancing instructor:

1) The lessons must fit your budget. Price around and do your best to pick the instructor that makes your budget feel good.

2) Keep the music you like, if the song is special to the two of you, then keep it. You can always have the music edited – cut to two or two-and-a-half minutes. You can also have the tempo adjusted — if the music is too fast — because you are beginners or you don’t have enough time to practice your routine for hours and hours, changing the tempo is a good alternative.

Learn to Ballroom DanceMost music editing programs can change the tempo of your music up to 15% and the singer will still sound the same — no chipmunks or slurred singing will occur. Also, you will be able to practice to the exact song and time your dance trick and dip to occur at the right time.

If you are considering letting the band do it, think again. A full rehearsal of the band rarely happens and leaves a lot of room for error.

3) Give the music to the DJ before the wedding by email, but always bring a back up copy to the wedding on a USB drive. Tell the DJ that you will tell them when to start the music, or have your routine practiced that the intro is used wisely — maybe escort your Bride onto the dance floor and declare: “My beautiful Bride, Mrs. _________, the love of my life, for the rest of my life.” Then cue the DJ. Thinking of the little things and planning them now can be the small stumbling block on your special day.

Learn to Ballroom Dance4) I always suggest five wedding dance lessons because the price is kept down to be affordable — which was the first rule — remember? My 5-lesson package is $225. Two-minutes or Two-and-a-half minutes can become a very long performance for the inexperienced Bride to be and the Groom, but with 5 lessons they can learn enough steps not to be repetitive. Plus there is always room for a little cool dance move or trick. I hope this helps.   Learn to ballroom dance by called for an appointment: 407-297-9048

Everyone knows processed foods are NOT good for you. Find out why in this video. Amazing!

How to Dance Bachata Orlando – Part of a Latin Dancing Package – On SALE Now!

How to Dance Bachata Orlando

How to Dance Bachata OrlandoHow to Dance Bachata Orlando is fun with a few basic dance steps. If a leader can lead about four or five dance steps, he can get on the dance floor and lead. Women prefer a man who knows how to dance. If you want to be popular with the ladies, learn how to dance bachata Orlando.

I have a Latin Dancing package of five dance lessons that will get you started. The package is five hours long, and will get you on the dance floor fast. The package includes two dances: Salsa and Bachata, There are more Latin dances, but we start here. The dances you learn will depend on where you will go to dance.

Please see the short excerpt of Christine and Edwardo in their private dance class below. No other dance classes were happening at the same time. Just a relaxed atmosphere that helps you to relax and let your dancing part of your brain take over. What’s the dancing part of your brain? It’s the right side of your brain or creative side.

Many dance instructors will concentrate on the counting, learning the exact steps and many other techniques – that while important – hinder your learning how to dance bachata Orlando. Here’s why. Dance instructor, Diana Jo Rossano helps you get in touch with your muscles to “feel” the dance step, then you are using a part of your memory that is activated to help you to learn how to dance bachata Orlando much faster than using the left side of your brain.
The left side of your brain is fantastic for balancing a check book, doing computer work and all those calculating chores. The right side is the creative side. If you use the right side you will reduce your stress and relax which is the perfect atmosphere for learning how to dance bachata Orlando.

How to Dance Bachata OrlandoSo, come and try a dance lesson that is entirely different than the ways you may have tried to learn to dance. Diana Jo Rossano has her Ph.D. in Nutritional Medicine and has studies the best ways for you learn.

If you are not happy with your lesson, your money will cheerfully be refunded. Check out the reviews on Google.

How to Dance Bachata Orlando 407-297-9048


Private Salsa Dance Lessons at Affordable Prices – $45 per one-hour Salsa Dancing Lesson

salsa dance lessons

Salsa Dance Lessons

Salsa Dance LessonsLearning how to spin for salsa dance lessons is easy with private dance lessons in Orlando, Florida. This is a dance tip to help with salsa spinning techniques. Followers, you can save yourself injury with this important dance lesson tip for salsa and all ballroom dances.

It’s simply called, “tone.” Look at a Barbie doll. She has beautifully curved arms that are stiff – that’s tone. Unlike the Barbie doll, a human follower will have flexible arms until she feels the leader pushing against her arm. When she feels the push, she offers resistance at that time. Now she has good tone and is much easier to dance with for leaders.

The most important tip to remember for Salsa dance lessons is to have tone in your arms. When a follower has good tone in her arms, her leader can lead her without feeling like he is pushing her around the dance floor. Even the strongest man will get tired dancing with a lead weight.

Salsa Dance LessonsBut, if the follower is allowing the leader to push her arm and she offers resistance to that push – in a way she is pushing back, then the dance becomes free moving and looks great on the dance floor. Without tone in the followers arms, she can be injured by a beginning salsa dancer who is leading a little wild after a few cocktails.

Salsa dance lessons help to have an improved dance frame. The foundation of all dancing is a good dance frame. The follower will understand the lead better, and leader will lead better so the follower feels his lead. If your followers are missing your leads, it may be you need to have an improved dance frame. Since salsa is a spinning dance, this spinning technique will offer help for a great salsa dance lessons at dance.

Salsa dance lessons for fun and better health.

Adult Dance Class Near Orlando – If you can stumble, you can learn to dance! 407-297-9048

Adult Dance Class

Adult Dance ClassAdult Dance Class to help you get comfortable on the dance floor. Don’t be afraid of the dance floor when you are out having a good time. Just a few lessons and you can save yourself from any embarrassing moments.

This is Ron and Kristin learning how to slow dance. The dance it simple and perfect for any social event – like a wedding, company party, lounge, Christmas party, birthday or just  staying home with your main squeeze.

Adult Dance Class is fun and enjoyable. The leader does a taps his left foot when he hears the music’s drummer hit his drum. Then he steps left. Next he transfers his weight and taps with the right foot and then steps with his right foot. That’s it.

The leader can step to the side or he can step front and back – always tapping his foot and then stepping. The walk step in the video is very good for moving away from someone who may have had too many cocktails and adds a lot of variety to the dance.

Something easy to learn. Ron and Kristin also learned a basic box step and a basic underarm turn. The basic box and basic underarm turn are perfect adult dance class to learn because now you can socially dance a rumba, waltz and a foxtrot. Not bad.

A swing would be another step to learn at the next adult dance class. Call to talk about your dance education. With as little as five dance lessons, you could have a nice foundation to go social dancing and not look like you did in junior high.

Adult Dance ClassAdult Dance Class information or questions, please call: