Dance Tricks Wow Family and Friends for your First Dance and are affordable at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons 407-297-9048

Dance Tricks FOR your first dance with only  five affordable dance lessons.

Dance TricksDance Tricks will WOW your wedding guests.  The first dance is a memorable life occasion. Add a fance dip, a lean and a special trick to help your performance WOW family and friends. Plus, you will always remember the time you had together learning to dance for the first time, and the comments your family will make after you perform the dance tricks.

Please watch Lauren and David (DJ) as they show you their simple dance step together that they practiced for their first dance together.

Dance TricksI edited the trick at 50 percent slower so you can see how it’s done. It is not as difficult as you may think. I always spot the Bride and have never once had anyone fall or almost fall. The Groom is not going to let go of his main squeeze. In fact, many of my Brides say, “Don’t squeeze me so much!” Ha!

We have an outstanding time learning how to do dance tricks as well as learning dance steps that will be used for the rest of their lives together. The cake will be eaten at the reception, your time in the hall will run out, and Bride’s dress will be put into storage. But, the dance lessons will remain in your minds and hearts for the rest of your lives.

Take the time and invest in your first dance and start your time together as husband and wife on your best foot with fun dance lessons. A few of the dances I teach are:

Adult Dance Classes


If you need some additional information, call me to schedule a consultation because it is free.  407-297-9048


Private Ballroom Dancing Lessons near Orlando 407-297-9048 for information Save $75.

Private Ballroom Dancing Lessons – Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Ballroom Dancing LessonsBallroom Dancing lessons in Orlando, Florida are fun and easy to take. Learn how to dance to Frankie Valie. Learning how to count is taught, but not encouraged. It is must better to learn how to dance with ballroom dancing lessons by using muscle memory.

Meet Ron and Kristin. The video below is their date night dance lesson. Ron is a creative guy and wanted to give his girlfriend, Kristin a surprise. Kristin has always said she has two left feet. So Ron found my dance lesson school called, “Two Left Feet” as a special inside joke. Now they have a new couple activity. Watch the basic box step, and the tree dances you can do. Do you know them? Rumba, Waltz and Foxtrot.

Ballroom Dancing LessonsLet’s face it, if you asked the centipede how he walked, he probably couldn’t explain it to you. If you asked yourself how do you ride a bike, could you explain that? The best dancers learn how to dance with their muscle memory. If you have tried to memorize steps, tried to count to the music and have gotten discouraged, you need to take lessons with Diana Jo Rossano, Arthur Murray trained dance instructor.

It’s fun, its easy and you will find that your two left feet will vanish. Just look at Ron and Kristin. Both of them thought they could not learn how to dance because they were cursed with two left feet. Well, think again they did learn and they do look great. In one private ballroom dancing lessons they learned how to dance a basic box to three different dances: the foxtrot, the waltz and the rumba. Bravo!

Ballroom Dancing LessonsCall now to join in the Ballroom Dancing Lessons fun. 407-297-9048


Learn to Dance in 5 Lessons, You won’t be a pro, but be on the dance floor having fun! 407-297-9048

Learn to Dance in 5 Lessons

Learn to Dance in 5 LessonsYes, you can learn to dance in 5 lessons. No, you won’t be a pro, but you will be on the dance floor and enjoying yourself. My studio is just minutes (20 minutes) from downtown, Orlando, Florida. You will learn the basics to get you on the dance floor and into the fun. No, you won’t be ready for “Dancing with the Stars,” but you won’t be the wall flower you have been most of your life.


It’s time to break out and try new ground. Be brave! Be strong! Dancing is not difficult. In my opinion, if you can walk, you can dance. Men, please know that many women want to dance, and this could be one of the best ways to meet women to find the relationship you long for today.

Learn to Dance in 5 LessonsWomen, consider dancing to meet new friends and hear music that will launch the new you that has been hiding inside.


1) Pick where you want to dance.

Why? Well, if you want to dance at a night club or lounge, learning a ballroom waltz would be a waste of your time and money. Why? Because a lounge DJ won’t play a waltz.

2) Pick how fast you want to learn:

Learn to Dance in 5 LessonsOne lesson per week is what most people choose. Plenty of time to practice in-between lessons. Two or three lessons a week work well when you have your class reunion happening in a few weeks. (or other big event)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or come in for a free consultation and make a dance plan that will fit your goals: 407-297-9048


Cha Cha Dance Lessons for five Wedding dance lessons that will change your life. 407-297-9048

Cha Cha Dance Lessons for five easy lessons

Cha Cha DanceWatch Annie and David for part of their cha cha dance lesson. They wanted to dance their first dance together as husband and wife, and not look silly. Their private ballroom dance classes really paid off big because they looked great.

Their plan was NOT to break their budget, but to get on the dance floor and have some fun at their own wedding. It was easy to do because at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons, you can take five dance lessons for $225 for two people. That sounded affordable to Annie and David, and that’s what they did.

This Orlando couple took 10 private dance lessons so they could perform their first dance together as man and wife. They didn’t want to look like they danced in junior high school. They wanted to WOW family and friends.

Cha Cha DanceThey took five private dance lessons and learned a choreographed first dance routine that pleased themselves. In fact, they accomplished more than they expected. Neither had danced before and they didn’t expect what they learned to have so much pizzazz. What was the secret to their success? Simple. They practiced four nights a week for about 20 minutes.

The hidden secret was the practice, but NOT how long they practiced. No grueling hour after hour like the stars do on the hit television program called, “Dancing with the Stars.” They practiced 20 minutes, but they did their practice over a five-week period. Their brains had lots of time to process the information and allow that information to become part of their muscle memory. (the stars don’t have this luxury.)

David and Annie extended their learning experience by another five dance lessons so they could dance at their wedding. They learned how to do the salsa, rumba, cha, cha and east coast swing. They did well because of their secret. What’s their secret? Practice. Consistent practice.

Cha Cha Dance

When you give your spouse dance Lessons for a special occasion, you may get a BIG hug?  Diana Jo Rossano is their private, social dance instructor in Orlando. Please call if you have any questions: 407-297-9048

Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando is really just the basic box step. 407-297-9048

Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando

Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando are easier with a private dance lesson. Watch Lidia and Derek’s excerpt from an actual private rumba dance lessons Orlando. This is their first dance lesson and they are doing well. Lidia is learning how to turn off her brain and become a wonderful follower, and Derek is learning how to lead on the dance floor.

Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando are easier when you take private dance lessons.

Rumba is a different name for doing the basic box step. This is really a great step to learn because it is easy and give you confidence that you really don’t have two left feet. In one dance lesson you can learn the basic box – which is the basic rumba step. The basic rumba step is repeated throughout the entire dance. Every step that you learn in the rumba dance lessons Orlando stems from this one step.

Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando

Other dances that use the basic box step are the Social Foxtrot, and the Social Waltz. There are two other types of foxtrot and waltz that do NOT use both sides of the basic box. They are sometimes called, “Ballroom Foxtrot” and “Ballroom Waltz.” Both are danced around the perimeter of the dance floor. The ballroom foxtrot and waltz use half of a box, and repeat it to go around the perimeter of the dance floor.

To try and visualize this, try to remember a Hollywood version of watching a military waltz where all the couples are spinning down the dance floor very fast. Ballroom foxtrot and waltz do NOT us
e the same steps, but they do dance in the same manner and direction. If you have ever roller skated, dancing uses the same direction to go counter clockwise around the dance floor for both the foxtrot and waltz.

Rumba Dance Lessons OrlandoPrivate Latin dance lessons (Rumba) are the fastest way to learn how to dance without any distractions of other people trying to learn at the same time. Your lesson will be the only dance lesson happening at the time you schedule with Diana Jo Rossano, social dance instructor trained by Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

Latin dance classes are fun and affordable.


Diana Jo Rossano is a social, Arthur Murray trained dance teacher in Orlando, Florida. Rumba Dance Lessons Orlando

Learn to dance waltz Orlando – A fantastic wedding and social dance that uses the basic box. 407-297-9048

Learn to dance waltz Orlando

A fantastic wedding and social dance

Learn to dance waltz OrlandoWatch Staci and Andrew learn to dance waltz Orlando.  A social waltz is different than a ballroom waltz. The ballroom waltz dances around the perimeter of the dance floor while the social waltz stays close to the center of the Ballroom.

Both the social waltz, social foxtrot and rumba use the basic box step. I once met a couple in their 80’s dance every dance with a basic box step. He led, and she followed and they had a marvelous time dancing. You, too can have fun with private Ballroom Dance Lessons. Once you take five dance lessons, you will have enough steps to basic box all night long at any social occasion. Learn to dance waltz Orlando lessons will  make it easier and faster to Learn to dance waltz Orlando

You can take ten dollars off your first dance lesson when you mention this website. Call now for an appointment. 407-297-9048. Please watch the video below.

This beautiful couple is learning how to dance waltz for their first dance at their wedding reception.

Learn to dance waltz OrlandoThis is a short clip of the end of their first private dance lesson with Jo Rossano, Arthur Murray trained Dance Instructor. Learn how to dance waltz Orlando.



Learn How to Lead Dance to be more popular on the dance floor. 407-297-9048

Learn How to Lead Dance to be more popular on the dance floor. 407-297-9048

How to Lead Dance How to Lead Dance  – You must learn the secret to a good leader and take the lead dance. The secret is simple, you push the woman around, make her do all the work and at the end of the dance she will say thank you. No place on earth will this work, except for the dance floor. Try this technique in the kitchen and you may not come out alive.

Watch the video below to learn how to become a better leader and How to Lead Dance.

Now that you know the most important part of leading dance, you follower will thank you often – especially when you avoid an accident with another couple. So, keep your eye on your puppy for becoming popular on the dance floor. Men who can dance are rare, but men who take the lead dance are like find teeth on a chicken.

How to Lead Dance How to Lead Dance – Take the Lead Dance