Toddler Ballet Slipper – Learn Shoe Tips before you take Ballet dance lessons

Toddler Ballet Slipper – Learn Shoe Tips

Toddler Ballet SlipperToddler Ballet Slipper Suggestions. If you are thinking about getting your boy or girl into Ballet Dance Lessons, you have made an excellent choice. Ballet is the foundation of ALL movement. Ballet will help your children to walk with confidence. Head held high, shoulders back and walk with grace and confidence.

I suggestion the Orlando City Ballet, 1811 West State Road 434, Longwood, Florida 32750 They have several studios, so call them at (407) 834-8895 to find a location near you.

If you are a grand parent, please think of the gift of dance. You can buy your child a birthday gift, or take them to a special night to eat out, but 30 minutes after the special dinner, the moment is lost. Ballet dance lessons will take them into the next passage of their life and never stop inspiring the child until they take their last breath in a hundred years or so.

Nothing helps make a child “feel” more like a dancer than toddler ballet slipper. Nothing. Children can dance in their stocking feet and dance well, but ballet shoes Orlando can help them “feel” like the dancer they want to become.

My grand daughter, Amelia lives in North Carolina, and I help people find ballet shoes in Orlando. She had never been to my dance lesson room and began to dance. Amazing. I never mentioned to her that I give ballroom dance lessons in that room, but at the age of 18 months, she put up her little hands to dance.

Toddler Ballet SlipperI suggest Toddler Ballet slipper from Capezio Pink Ballet Slippers for girls, black for boys.

I suggest that you purchase the shoe size that your child wears. If they wear a size 1.5 street shoe then buy them a 1.5 toddler ballet slipper or even a size 2. Children’s feet grow too fast to buy them a half size smaller as most shoe salesmen will suggest. Adults need to purchase a half size smaller when they buy their ballet or dance shoes, but not children.

Children can dance in socks and be fine, a little big is NOT going to hurt their dance or slow them own. The ballet shoes make them feel like dancers, and the placebo effect is your aim. If you heed this advice their toddler ballet slipper will last for one season of ballet dance lessons.

Toddler Ballet SlipperDiana Jo Rossano, Arthur Murray Trained Ballroom Dance Instructor.

Dance Secrets- Near Orlando Fast Results & Affordable 407-297-9048

Dance Secrets – Techniques you should know!

Three Dance Secrets you Should to Know

 Dance Secrets1)Dancing has its own secret language known only by those who float around on the dance floor to their favorite ballroom music. What’s the secret? Dancing is relaxing and beats stress. High blood pressure? Nervous? Dancing helps you feel better.

The second of the Three Dance Secrets:

  1. If you are a single man here is a second secret just for you.  Dance SecretsWomen love a man who can dance. You don’t need a ton of cool dance moves either. A few lessons and you can get comfortable on the dance floor. Most dances I attend for nightclubs or at a reception have twice as many women who attend the ballroom dance or other social occasion than men. Good odds if you are a single man!

Dance Secrets you should know:

  1.  Dance SecretsBallroom dancing can help you feel better by losing those extra pounds that just won’t go away.  For faithful viewers of “Dancing with the Stars” television program they have tuned in each week to see their favorite stars shed pounds and inches just by dancing. This can happen for you, too.

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Cool Dance Moves Save $75 and calms nerves before your First Dance

Cool Dance MovesAre you worried about your wedding first dance? Thinking about cool dance moves, but you may not know any to perform as a couple? First of all, how long should your dance be? Well, let’s take a hint from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers — how long were their dances on the big screen? They were very short. Go ahead and guess how short they were. Don’t worry, the answer is below the video. Did you guess?

Three minutes. Yup they never danced more than three minutes. I read a story one time that Ginger’s feet were bleeding from doing so many takes for one dance.

The dance numbers were well polished by the two (Fred & Ginger) skilled and talented dancers with a large background in dancing. Most dancers start dance lessons when they are in grammar school.

Cool Dance MovesOkay, if we take the concepts demonstrated by our heroes — Fred Astaire — Three minutes or longer never happened. It is a general rule of thumb that if you already have your dance routine memorized that you need to practice at least one hour for every minute of dance performance.

Cool dance moves were easy Fred and Ginger because they had the luxury of film and could retake a dance not up to excellence. Based on these generalities here are my suggestions when you go searching for the right dance studio or dancing instructor:

1) The lessons must fit your budget. Price around and do your best to pick the instructor that makes your budget feel good.

2) Keep the music you like, if the song is special to the two of you, then keep it. You can always have the music edited – cut to two or two-and-a-half minutes, and have the tempo adjusted to make you comfortable. No one will know the tempo has been changed.

Cool Dance Moves
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Most music editing programs can change the tempo of your music up to 15% and the singer will still sound the same — no chipmunks or slurred singing will occur. Also, you will be able to practice to the exact song and time your dance trick and dip to occur at the right time.

3) Give the music CD to the DJ before the wedding, but always bring a back up copy to the wedding. Tell the DJ that you will tell him/her when to start the music.

Here’s another tip for cool dance moves: When you are shopping for a DJ, ask him how much extra he would charge you to edit your music — he might throw it in? It doesn’t hurt to ask.Cool Dance Moves call 407-297-9048 – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034 and learn some easy cool dance moves.

A tip How to Lead a Dance Effortlessly – 407-297-9048 for Affordable dance lessons

How to Lead a Dance – Please teach my man to lead!

HOW TO LEAD A DANCEHow to lead a dance is sometimes a touchy relationship problem when it shouldn’t be. I was teaching a couple at the Marks Street Senior Center in Orlando because my dance floor was being remodeled. I was actually conducting the dance lesson while the Tuesday night dance was happening.

My students were have some real world experience or sometimes I call being at a dance being in the “jungle.” Because it is wild being at a dance. Leaders lead differently and followers follow differently than within the safe atmosphere of my dance floor.

As I was dancing with the man, and then my woman dance students, a woman overheard my woman student say, “He’s not leading the dance right.” I danced with the man and gave him some pointers, and my woman student grinned ear to ear at the improvement.


HOW TO LEAD A DANCEThe woman who was watching rushed over to me as she was dragging her husband in tow and excitedly said, “Here, fix my husband, too!” I have had one husband who was sent to me by a frustrated wife, and one girlfriend. It didn’t take long to tweak each of the men to become a good lead. How to lead dance is a skill set that must be taught to every man.

Group lessons often miss how to lead a dance because the dance instructor has 20 or 30 students and cannot devote concentrated time with fine tune each man and how he can lead dance.

If you are a frustrated man who wants followers to follow, or if you are a frustrated follower, a few dance lessons go a long way to help iron out some of the relationship difficulties.

How to lead a dance is the only time that a man can push a woman around the dance floor, make the woman do ALLLL the work and run here and there and yonder, pull them, lead them and at the end of the dance the woman says, “Thank you!”

Don’t try this same technique at home in the kitchen. Because if you push a woman around and make her do all the work you may find yourself injured.

Please call for an appointment so I can help you learn to to lead a dance easily and with much more success.

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Leading Dance Techniques Be popular on the dance floor 407-297-9048

Leading Dance Techniques – What Women Want from their leader

Leading dance techniques for improved leading skills:


leading dance techniquesLook at the picture. Can you tell who is leading? No, it is not Mike, it’s Molly because she has her left arm up.

1) Women want 100 percent leading input — 100 percent of the time. Whew! If you are communicating what you want with your body language — you will have a better success rate of being followed while dancing.

2) However, please remember that leading dance techniques of pushing and pulling are not allowed on the dance floor. “Hey, but you just said in rule number one that I have to push and pull 100 percent of the time — What gives?”

Here’s the difference between a good lead and a bad lead: The pushing happens when the lady is dancing her back step — that means you are using her momentum when you push. Now you’re really not pushing her, you are telling her to step back. Ahhh, she feels confident she is where you want her to be.

The pulling happens when she is finished dancing her back step and is stepping onto her other foot to come forward. Your lead gently pulls forward as if to say, “Come this way.” BUT, and the key word here is BUT, because you are again using the lady’s momentum — you are motivating her movement to go where you want her to dance. Ahhhh, we call that “leading.” You must redirect her movements and energy the way you want to lead her for the best possible leading dance techniques available to you.

If you push or pull against her momentum, you won’t be popular on the dance floor. Why? Because this small difference of using “physics” to enhance your lead is the only difference of “man-handling the women” or being called, “pushy.” A description most men want to avoid. Use the “physics” and you will be knows as a good leader.

3) The other side of that coin is using your body for leading dance techniques and NOT your arms. Your arms are just an extension of your body. If your connection is good, (arms have tone or stiffness) when you move your shoulders that means your arms move and in turn your hands move. This body connection with yourself will give the lady two or three beats of the music to prepare for a new move that is about to come her way. This chain reaction of movement is what the woman will “feel” in order to follow your very obvious lead. Of course, if her body connection is non-existent then she will not be able to feel your body tone and the best lead will be missed.

4) Hand Placement: When leading your lady, try to use two hands to convey the follow you want. Just like in driver’s education you were taught to have both of your hands on the steering wheel at 10:00 and at 2:00, you will need two inputs on the lady. Number one input is your hand on her back placed at the shoulder blade. All other places on her back are NOT allowed. No waist, no underarm, no sides — too personal. Please use the heel of your hand (nearest the wrist) and then rotate your hand to the finger tips and vice versa to swivel the lady. All women love back rubs and this lead will be very much appreciated.

leading dance techniquesThe number two input is the man’s left hand is leading the lady. See the picture at the right? This is correct leading techniques. This is the place to gently push and pull the lady at the appropriate time during the lead. What is the “appropriate” time? ONLY when the follower’s momentum matches the push or the pull of your hand. Always keep in mind and never lose the crucial viewpoint that your follower is a “delicate flower.” You are constantly watching other dancers and the closeness to your partner to keep her out of harm’s way.
Please note: Think of your right hand on her shoulder blade as the rudder of a boat. By rotating your right hand from the heel of the hand to the finger tips is rotating the lady’s scapula or shoulder blade that very much resembles the rudder of a boat. The left hand would be the bow of the boat. It is much easier to steer a boat with the rudder than with the bow. Do the same when leading the lady.

5) Lastly, don’t feel bad if you have been taking group lessons for years and still have some leading difficulties on the dance floor. Two things may have happened because group lessons are not always the best choice for beginning dancers without any former dance experience. Face it, the teacher cannot split his or herself to be in 30 places at one time.

a) you may have learned dance steps, but did not learn leading skills.

b) the lady may have learned dance steps, but not following skills.
An answer to this dilemma would be to take a few private dance lessons in order to sharpen your leading or following skills.

You may want to think of this as learning a secret language to leading and following. The only way I know to achieve this secret language is through private dance lessons. Maybe treat yourself for your birthday? Valentine’s day or other special occasion . You will be glad you did. After all, you are investing in you and will be a benefit for the rest of your life. See you on the dance floor.

Dance Tips for Women:

Dancing Tips for Women – Improve your Follow with Six Secret techniques 407-297-9048

Dancing Tips for Women – Improve your Follow with Six Secret techniques 407-297-9048

Dancing Tips for WomenDancing Tips for Women is not as difficult as you may think. A man’s body movement (especially his shoulders) will give his follower many hints for what Ballroom Dance step he is about to lead. Learning to read this special language is the key to becoming a good follower. Here are a few Techniques I have learned through the years that may help with Dancing Tips for Women.

1) Watch the man’s shoulders. This is where I learn my biggest hint for Ballroom Dancing following tips from my leaders. What is it? It is his shoulders. Yes, his shoulders will precede any lead by a full two beats of the music. How? The man will start with moving his shoulders and then his feet will move and then the follower will move. (usually in that order)

2) Turning: (Spinning) Again, it’s the man’s shoulders. If you follow his shoulders you have a very good chance of being at the right place at the right time. So, if he is rotating his shoulders away from you, then you will most likely be going in front of him. Try to think of a mirror and you are his reflection.

3) The second indication that you are about the spin is his hand. If his hand goes up and is hovering over your head — he has created a “door” for you to exit. Say, “good-bye” and step through the door. Step to the music or step the same number of steps as he steps. If he doesn’t step, neither should you.

4) Watch where the man is looking, it’s a good indication to learn where he wants to go when he is dancing.

5) Watch your leaders hands — why? Because you will be following his hand. An example would be — if he puts his hand behind his head while holding your hand — he wants you to dance behind him. Think of his hands as your leash to learn which way to dance.

6) The biggest help in following is keeping your connection. Connection is how your arm gives his hand the way to spin you. If your arm is floppy, without any tone (stiffness), then he won’t be able to lead you and you won’t learn where to dance.

But, if your arm is toned or is like an outboard motor handle on a boat — see the picture to the right? Then he moves your hand, your arm is toned and it moves your entire body in the direction that the man is moving your hand, this makes leading you much easier and he will be happy you read these tips to learn how to follow while you dance.

Another visualization that may help any woman whoever played with a “Barbie” doll growing up is to look at Barbie’s arms. Barbie’s arms are the perfect example of how to hold your arms while Ballroom dancing. Barbie’s arms are slightly curved and they move her body when she is rotated by the leader lightly pushing or pulling. The follower is pushing back on the push the leader is giving. We sometimes call this our “dance frame” that is caused by the “tone” in her arms and the tone in his arms. This resistance or invisible connection is the secret language of following and leading. Without “connection” the man will not be able to lead you, and you won’t be able to feel the lead.

Dancing Tips for WomenI hope you learned some Dancing Tips for Women – Six Ways to Improve your Follow 407-297-9048

Meeting Women – Want to meet women, learn to dance! 407-297-9048

Meeting WomenIf you want to meet women, learn to dance!

If meeting women is your goal, go to where the women are. Where are women who are desperate for men? A social dance. Men are in demand because the women normally out number the men by three to one. Women love to dance, and women love men who know how to dance.

A single friend of mine says happiness to him would be, “I’ll take golf, take the great outdoors, and take a gorgeous woman.” A few seconds later he said, “Skip the golf, skip the great outdoors.”

How to become happy meeting women is not difficult when you know the secret. This same friend is an excellent dancer. When I told him to tell his friends about social dancing being the best kept secret, he said, “And create competition for myself? No way.”

So, that’s the big secret! If you want to find the fountain of youth — I mean “the fountain of women,” this is it. Single men meeting women is easy when you have dancing skills – -even beginning ballroom, salsa dance steps for beginners are the crucial skills to meeting women.

Meeting WomenSo, meeting women isn’t difficult if you take my advice and learn how to dance. This is your opportunity to touch women dancing on the shoulder blade, to push them around and be the boss on the dance floor. You can make a woman do all the work on the dance floor and at the end of the dance will she slap you? NO! the woman will thank you for dancing with her. You may think I am telling you an untruth — I am not.

If you change venues from the dance floor to the kitchen and push a woman around, let her do all the work and are bossy – – will she thank you? Nope. In fact, you may not get out of the kitchen alive. This technique ONLY works on the dance floor. Don’t try this at home!!

In the past, . . men knew there was one way to handle a woman, unfortunately no man knew what that way was. Now you KNOW! Take her dancing.

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