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Swing Dance Lessons Orlando

Swing Dance Lessons OrlandoSwing Dance Lessons Orlando can help you to be popular on the dance floor. There is something that makes women happy, spin your followers. You won’t need to buy an expensive ring, dress or gift certificate. You can make a woman happy by turning her with a spin. YAY! Swing Dance Lessons Orlando makes your follower happy or give Swing Dance Lessons Orlando to your man as a gift for your anniversary.

See Geraldine and Steve dance demo swing dance steps after two private Swing Dance Lessons Orlando – the dance below has had the music changed because of copyright laws. The song, “Brown-eyed Girl” is a better match.

So the best way to start your Learn how to swing dance is with a spin for the lady. You will get a smile from your follower every time you start your dance, and if you keep spinning her she will continue to smile. Most women love to dance and this is a contributing feature to Swing Dance Lessons Orlando

Call for an appointment for Swing Dance Lessons Orlando: 407-297-9048  – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034

Swing Dance Lessons OrlandoSwing is one of the most popular dances at a lounge, wedding or other social events. In two lessons you can learn three swing dance steps to dance socially. You will be surprised how popular you will become when you spin the ladies. Other ladies will see how well you dance and ask you to dance with them. You will be amazed at this best kept secret. What does all that mean? Simple. Take two swing dance lessons Orlando and your popularity at a dance will increase by fifty present. Two, private dance lessons are $100 when you mention this website. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive this special. Never before has $100 had the ability to change your life as it does with dance lessons.

Learn to dance waltz Orlando
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Learn to dance one dance with good leading abilities and you will be a good dancer. Try to guess how to lead and lead the steps incorrectly and you will miss some of the popularity I’m talking about. Call now for questions or an appointment: 407-297-9048. – no text, please. Studio: 407-385-7034 You’ll be glad you did. If you can stumble, you can learn to dance.

Adult Dance Classes Orlando If you can stumble, you can learn to dance 407-297-9048

Adult Dance Classes Orlando

Adult Dance Classes OrlandoAdult dance classes Orlando are for people who think they have two left feet. Of course, the picture on the left is NOT true. But, we laugh because it is out of the ordinary. For Adult Dance Classes Orlando, please consider Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. Diana Jo Rossano was trained by Arthur Murray Dance Studio in 1995.

The thing to remember is that walking and dancing are two related talents that you have. Most of the students feel that they must learn to dance, but the secret is that you must learn to walk to the music. You already have the talents you need to dance today. In fact, my motto is: “If you can stumble, you can learn to dance.” Really.

Adult Dance Classes OrlandoYou can save $75 on private dance lessons when you buy a package of five, one hour adult dance classes Orlando. Teaching is her passion. She said, “I love to see my students’ faces when the light comes on that they “get it.””

If you are thinking about going to a Latin Dances, Salsa is the most popular dance played — FAST salsa. Then they break up the music mix with a slow dance called, “Bachata.” The third favorite dance music played is the Merengue. Again, very fast, but very easy. You may hear one Cha Cha at a Latin dance or maybe not. I’m sure if you wanted to Cha Cha, the DJ would grant your request. Ask for a song by “Santana” because their music has a lot of cha chas.

Adult Dance Classes OrlandoGet comfortable with Salsa Dance Steps on the dance floor. Learn Dance FAST with private dance lessons. Look great and impress family & friends.

Adult Dance Classes Orlando

Nightclub 2 Step Orlando Fast Results & Affordable Prices for Private Lessons 407-297-9048

Nightclub 2 Step Orlando

Nightclub 2 StepNightclub 2 Step Orlando music sounds like a waltz because it is a slow dance, but it isn’t. No rhythm? Two Left Feet can help. 407-297-9048

Nightclub 2 Step is a slow dance that looks like a waltz, but it isn’t. Why? Because it has four beats of music instead of three like the waltz. Now is your opportunity to watch a short video clip of an actual dance lesson in Orlando, Florida. Brian and Carmen are taking First Dance Classes so they can learn Nightclub 2 Step. They have decided to dance to “When I say I do” by Matthew West.

Brian and Carmen have never danced together before taking nightclub 2 step dance lessons, but you certainly cannot tell by the way they are dancing together. This dance is very slow, but not a waltz. All dances that are slow are not necessarily a waltz. A waltz has a very distinctive beat. The music for a waltz is 3/4 time. that means there are three beats in every measure.

Nightclub 2 Step OrlandoThe is a 4/4 dance music which means there are four beats in every measure. The dance tempo is slow, but the beats dictate that Brian and Carmen’s dance is a nightclub 2 step Orlando. The leader sways his body to the tempo, and the follower mimics what she sees with her body to match the movement.

Unlike the waltz — that is a formal dance with a formal hold – the nightclub 2 step Orlando  is more relaxed with a two hand hold, and has a closed position, too. The nightclub 2 step was first invented in the mid 1960’s by Buddy Schwimmer.

One of the hardest techniques to practice is that of the hips remaining forward while dancing. Most students will twist their hips to go from side to side, and that changes the entire look of the dance.

I am happy to say that Carmen and Brian never started to dance that way – – and that’s one of the reasons they look so good so early in their wedding dance lessons. I have videotaped the end of their first lesson, and they are doing remarkably well.

Nightclub 2 Step OrlandoI added the sway on the second lesson, because it sometimes becomes too overwhelming for my students to add the basic nightclub 2 step Orlando and the sway or rock at the same time. It has proven to work well for them as they certainly look awesome.

Diana Jo Rossano was trained by Arthur Murray Dance studios as a social dance instructor in Orlando, Florida. 407-297-9048

Learn to dance when you retire. Near Orlando Fast Results & Affordable 407-297-9048

Retired? Learn to Dance and play!

Learn to danceLearn to dance while you are retired. You have always wanted to learn to dance. You have talked about it for twenty years, but you have never gotten around to do it. Now is the time. Learning how to be retired takes work. . .wait a minute. . .you’re retired why do I say it takes work? Well, you need to re-learn all the skills that you had when you first entered kindergarten. You have forgotten how to relax and play. Making time takes thinking about it and that thinking takes work.

Over the years you have forgotten how good you feel after a nap, and how much fun it was to eat a snack and become revived after your nap. Don’t miss your chance to learn to dance and play while you’re still young enough to think about doing it now. Call: 407-297-9048 and get a free consultation about your new hobby. Here is your first dance lesson by way of a video. Learn to Dance by learning how to “Watch the Puppy.” Don’t understand what a puppy has to do with good ballroom dance technique — then please watch the video:

Learn to danceA very valuable technique or all Ballroom dancers if they want to learn how to dance. Why? Well, because the secret to being asked to dance is how well you take care of the puppy — follower. If you bump into other dancers or — worse yet – you plow your follower into other dancers – you won’t be asked to dance very much.

Learn to dance Two Left Feet Dance Lessons for Beginning Ballroom and Wedding dance Lessons Orlando. How to learn how to dance is easy when you take the beginning dance lesson package. Retired? Learn to Dance and play!

Christmas Gift Idea – save money on a unique gift! 407-297-9048

Christmas Gift Idea – save money on a unique gift!

Christmas Gift Idea – step out of the box with dance lessons. What is a great Christmas gift idea for someone who has everything? Give the gift of dance. This is a gift that keeps on giving all year round, and that makes it the best Christmas gift idea with a lifetime of benefits. A wedding gift for before the wedding, and you will see the fruit of their labor.

Christmas Gift IdeaChristmas Gift Idea – step out of the box with dance lessons. Christmas Gift Idea. No it’s not expensive to give the gift that keeps giving year after year. Did you know that when dancing at a Country Western bar, there is a certain etiquette that is practiced that a beginner or new-comer dancer may not know.

What’s that? It is not uncommon for two types of dances to be danced at the same time to the same exact song. This same concept happens at a ballroom dance, too. Let me give you an example. I hear a song and it sounds like a cha cha to me. I’ll ask someone to dance and say, “Would you like to dance cha cha?” He says, “No, that’s a hustle!” I say, “YAY, I prefer hustle, let’s hustle.”

The same exact song, but two different ears hear a different dance to perform Who is wrong – anyone? Absolutely NOT. But, leaders get to choose the dance they prefer. Even though some leaders are smarter than others and will dance the dance that was requested in order to make their follower happy. A smart man that will always be asked to dance again.


Christmas Gift Idea

Ballet is for boys – Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando

Ballet is for boys

Ballet is for BoysBallet is for boys is often overlooked when parents want to involve them in sports. Many people think a ballet class is only filled with men who are gay – and they would be wrong. This philosophy is unfortunate because our boys are missing a great way to excel in sports. Which sports? All sports because ballet is the foundation to all CORRECT body movement.  Ballet teaches every human to move their body how it was meant to move. Keeping moves centered to the body will prevent injuries, improve running and jumping abilities and confidence. I suggest private lessons with their caregiver in my home studio or the Orlando City Ballet, 1811 West State Road 434, Longwood, Florida 32750 for any boy who wants to excel in sports. They have several studios, so call them at (407) 834-8895 to find a location near you.

In the movie below, Gene Kelly demonstrates how sports and all ballet moves are connected. Ballet is movement. Ballet was invented in the 1400’s to learn the correct etiquette how to move when visiting a king. Watch Gene Kelly as he interviews a few athletes who show their craft, and how it relates to ballet.

Mr. Kelly relates to football, tennis, boxing, and ice skating moves and their similarity to ballet moves. Ballet is for boys is called, “Dancing – a Man’s Game” and is a documentary from over 50 years ago (1950’s) that still holds its value for considering Ballet as a foundation to body movement and as a fundamental requirement BEFORE a boy joins any sport.

Private dance lessons with you and your child for 30 minutes is $15 in my home studio. Yes, that is the price for the both of you. Sometimes there will be more dancers than you and your child, but sometimes not. Special needs children and their caregiver are also taught together. You do not watch, but participate. No, I will not make you hurt, but feel good to move and to bend. With the permission of your doctor, ballet improves circulation for anyone with a bad back.  Call for more information: 407-297-9048.