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Want extra fun for all the special ladies in your wedding party. Have a Bachelorette Parties Salsa Dance lesson. Step out of the box and do something everyone will remember. The Dance Teacher comes to you for a salsa lesson. (other dance lessons available) No travel for anyone but the teacher. No travel for you and the party. No getting lost. Just enjoy the fun of dancing together.

Patty called me and asked if I could go to a Disney hotel to have a salsa dance lesson in their hotel room one afternoon while all the bridesmaids were in town for the wedding of her best friend, Amy.

We made an appointment and I drove out to their hotel. They paid me cash and everyone had loads of fun. We danced for over 70 minutes had a very good time learning how to lead and learning how to follow. We did two spins for every one and everyone was happy.

They were very excited to show their husbands and boyfriends their new-found skill of salsa dancing that they learned in just one very fun dance lesson. I also taught them some merengue which is the easiest dance to learn on the planet.

If this sounds like an idea you would like to try at your bachelorette parties, please give me a call so we can work out the time and the place. 407-297-9048

Check out the pricing.

Bachelorette Parties with Salsa Entertainment – Wedding Dance Lessons