Beginning Ballroom Dance Classes

Beginning Ballroom Dance Classes

Beginning Ballroom Dance Classes will help take away being nervous because you can do this first dance together with a little help from your friends – Diana Jo Rossano is an Arthur Murray trained dance teacher who has been helping people learn how to social dance since 2006.

Beginning Ballroom Dance ClassesBeginning Ballroom Dance Classes are called Two Left Feet Dance Lessons in Orlando by her students. They all thought they had two left feet until they came to the first dance lesson and were amazed how much they learned. Jo teaches much different than most dance teachers because she has done extensive research how the brain learns. This research has applied these learning concepts to help you learn how to dance using the right side of your brain – or the creative side of your brain.

You won’t learn dance steps because that can be confusing, but you will learn to think in images. This is like learning to see a map, and knowing where north and south are on the map. You will learn where you are to stand in relationship to your partner and it becomes a picture rather than individual dance steps. Some students have called this way of dancing: “Dancing on the Right Side of the Brain.” This way of learning also helps anyone who thinks they don’t have rhythm. Your wedding consultation is free without any obligation to buy.


Beginning Ballroom Dance Classes

Beardall Senior Center Orlando Florida – Senior Ballroom

Beardall Senior Center Orlando Florida

Beardall Senior Center Orlando FloridaThe Beardall senior center Orlando Florida has great dances. Learn how to dance with an Arthur Murray trained instructor serving the greater Orlando area. 32804 since 2006.

As little as five dance lessons and you will be ready to dance at the Beardall Senior Center Orlando Florida.

It is amazing what can be learned in a private one hour dance lesson. In Orlando there are plenty of places to dance if you are a senior. There is Marks Street Senior Center in downtown Orlando. The Tuesday evening dance has a 12 piece orchestra.

Beardall Senior Center Orlando FloridaBeardall Senior Center Orlando Florida has many dances to chose from. The Renaissance Senior Center Orlando has monthly dinner dances that help seniors enjoy their retirement at a economical price.

Marks Street Senior Center Orlando for social dancing!

Marks Street Senior Center Orlando

Marks Street Senior Center OrlandoMarks Street Senior Center Orlando is a fun place to dance on Tuesday evening for fun, exercise and meeting people. The skill level is from just making up dance steps as they go to very skilled ballroom dancing. You will need a partner and a few dance lessons. A great way to start is to take a few private dance lessons that will get you on the dance floor extra fast AND will give you a great dance background.

Learn how to dance quick tip. Yes, it is a quick video below, but a very important ballroom dance moves to remember. I see people watching their feet. A dangerous habit that must be broken or you and your partner may fall down or look wobbly.

Your feet remain at the end of your body and you do not need to watch them to make sure someone doesn’t pick pocket your feet.

You can learn to dance 40 or 50 percent of the music when you take five, private dance lessons with Diana Jo Rossano. The five lessons costs $60 per hour. BUT, when you sign up for five dance lessons the hourly rate drops to $45 per hour. That means you can pay $225 and learn to dance. No contracts, no long commitments. If you are a senior and need a discount, please mention this website article and you can take addition $25 OFF. That’s my gift so you can finally do what you wanted to do from your youth. Now is your opportunity. Call: 407-297-9048 now!

Seniors seem to have a special problem with this Beginning Ballroom Technique. If you are dancing at the Marks Street Senior Center Orlando or at the Beardall Senior Center, please keep this tip in mind for a safer evening dancing to the big band music in Orlando

Here’s a link for you:

Marks Street Senior Center Orlando

Wedding Dance Trick

Wedding Dance Trick

When you schedule your first dance lessons, don’t for get to WOW your friends and family with a wedding dance trick. The dance they’ll forget – the trick they won’t forget.

Wedding Dance Trick to impress family and friends. No, you don’t have to start dancing when you were five, you can start now with five dance lessons and WOW all who attend your wedding.

Wedding Dance trickThis is me dancing with one of my friends named, Jimmy. He is 85 years old and can certainly spin me around the dance floor. You, too, can stay young when you keep your mind alive with dancing. Don’t be afraid. If you can walk, you can dance. Start today by calling for your free consultation.


Wedding Dance Trick

Diana Jo Rossano, Ph.D. Hormone Research with Khaki Campbell ducks

DucksI adopted a 21 ducks with high hopes of eating some natural, fresh eggs. When the ducks are were two months old, I taped this video of them taking a bath. They have been using a baking dish for bath time, but on their hatch day I bought them a dish pan so they could swim in some deeper water.

As the ducks got older, I began to notice a mystery. What was the mystery that had me stumped? Many of the ducks were falling to the ground and dying. I was devastated because I didn’t want my little ducklings to die. Who would? After months of trying different foods, I finally realized that the ducklings were dying because of the lack of food and not because of the food I was giving them.

Ducks are omnivores. That means they can eat what people eat – most everything. For a duck that would mean their natural diet would contain: dirt, bugs, lizards, grass, weeds, lettuce, tomato and all food that are found in nature. What was the food that my ducklings lacked and needed to survive and live?

After four months and 17 ducks were dead, I realized that the lack in my ducks’ diet was the hormonal pellet food. I wanted my ducks to produce eggs that were completely natural without any man-made pellet food. Only problem? My ducklings were from generations of ducks that had been eating pellets for many generations. Because of the long, long history of eating pellets, the ducks needed the hormones in the pellets to produce feathers, mature, balance their own blood sugar levels. without the hormonal pellets, my ducks could not produce the hormones they needed to stay alive.  Please see the video below that clearly shows the weaker ducks could not grow feathers and mature, so they died. This research is conclusive to me, and was the final motivation to become a vegan. That means I eat no animals foods whatsoever. I suggest that more research be done for those who are skeptical of only one work – mine.

One duck I called, “Baby” remained a duckling with baby down and looked one month old until the died. The picture above is Baby at three months old. He should have been a mature duck with some feathers and three times larger than he was. But, as you can see from the picture, he looks like a cute duckling with duckling down.

How did he die – he fell asleep because he didn’t have the hormones to stay away. He didn’t have the hormones to make feathers and grow. I have a book that goes into more detail about this matter called, “Backyard Ducks QUACK me up. How NOT to raise ducks” available on Amazon Kindle if you want more information.