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Adult Dance Classes Orlando

Adult Dance Classes OrlandoAdult dance classes Orlando are for people who think they have two left feet. Of course, the picture on the left is NOT true. But, we laugh because it is out of the ordinary. For Adult Dance Classes Orlando, please consider Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. Diana Jo Rossano was trained by Arthur Murray Dance Studio in 1995.

The thing to remember is that walking and dancing are two related talents that you have. Most of the students feel that they must learn to dance, but the secret is that you must learn to walk to the music. You already have the talents you need to dance today. In fact, my motto is: “If you can stumble, you can learn to dance.” Really.

Adult Dance Classes OrlandoYou can save $75 on private dance lessons when you buy a package of five, one hour adult dance classes Orlando. Teaching is her passion. She said, “I love to see my students’ faces when the light comes on that they “get it.””

If you are thinking about going to a Latin Dances, Salsa is the most popular dance played — FAST salsa. Then they break up the music mix with a slow dance called, “Bachata.” The third favorite dance music played is the Merengue. Again, very fast, but very easy. You may hear one Cha Cha at a Latin dance or maybe not. I’m sure if you wanted to Cha Cha, the DJ would grant your request. Ask for a song by “Santana” because their music has a lot of cha chas.

Adult Dance Classes OrlandoGet comfortable with Salsa Dance Steps on the dance floor. Learn Dance FAST with private dance lessons. Look great and impress family & friends.

Adult Dance Classes Orlando