Adult Dance Classes in Orlando – On SALE Save $$ on Dance Lessons

Adult Dance Classes in Orlando

Adult Dance Classes Orlando

Adult Dance Classes Orlando

If you are searching for Adult Dance Classes in Orlando, please consider Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. We re friendly, and beginning beginners are Diana Jo Rossano’s specialty. “Jo” was Arthur Murray trained in 1995.

You can save $75 on private dance lessons when you buy a package of five, one hour adult dance classes in Orlando. Teaching is her passion. She said, “I love to see my students’ faces when the light comes on that the “get it.”” Here is a short peak at an actual Adult Dance Classes in Orlando.

About Diana Jo Rossano

Diana Jo Rossano is an Arthur Murray trained social dance instructor in Orlando, Florida. Diana has her Ph.D. in nutritional medicine and is an herbalist to help her students who want to feel better in 48 hours. Dr. Rossano is an author, writer and speaker.
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