Ballroom Dance Lessons * for Weddings & Social occasions

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Weddings & Social occasions

Ballroom Dance LessonsBallroom dance lessons start when you call: 407-297-9048 for a FREE wedding consultation or appointment. By appointment only. One mile west of I4 and Exit Number 92 (Longwood Exit). Just 20 minutes from downtown Orlando, Florida.

You can get on the dance floor fast to attend your special event – about five one-hour, private ballroom dance lessons. You’ll be dancing the night away and having the time of your life in as little as two weeks! Get comfortable on the dance floor and lose a few pounds without the drudgery of exercising at a gym. Do an exercise you will love to do and the pounds will fall off. Get on the dance floor today and DANCE! Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Closed Sundays.

Please look at the photo below, you can clearly see that the Groom is following while the Bride is leading. Maybe a dance teacher is the only one to notice? How do I know? The Bride has her left arm up – that’s how to lead. The Groom has his right arm up – that’s how to follow.  Men, if you want to be popular on the dance floor, push women around, make them do all the work and when the dance music has stopped – women will say, “Thank you!.” Yes, the dance floor is the only place on earth where this phenomena happens.

Learn how to dance. I teach the Groom to lead and the Bride to follow on the dance floor. I can show you how in as little as five dance lessons to get you started.

Ballroom Dance LessonsDiana Jo Rossano, dance instructor can help you to look great on the dance floor for your first dance as husband and wife. (LGBT friendly) Small budgets and large budgets work. Call for information or questions. 407-297-9048


Ballroom dance lessons will Add WOW to your first dance with a wedding dance trick at no extra charge. Here are a few tricks that Diana Jo Rossano, dance instructor teaches her students: “Pick a Trick” Call now for your free consultation: 407-297-9048

Diana learned how to ballroom dance at Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Diana teaches Latin, swing, cha cha, hustle, and other social dances in a different style. Instead of memorizing steps, Diana incorporates muscle memory to enhance learning. This method is extremely successful for teaching social dancing to get students onto the dance floor easier, faster and less expensive than the traditional way of memorizing steps.

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Download “Where to Dance”  four-page document now.

Please call Diana’s cell phone for an appointment. Wedding First Dance consultations and helping students pick a dance plan are free. 407-297-9048

No contracts or commitments are necessary. You can start right away with a simple telephone call. All payments are accepted: cash, check and charge. A service fee of $10 will be added for check and charge. 407-297-9048