Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando * 70 min. private on sale!

MyBallroom Dance Lessons Crash Course with 70 minute, private dance lesson on sale! $45

Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando is 20 minutes north of Orlando one mile west of I4 and Exit Number 94 or the Longwood exit. Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando  has three free offers below. Keep reading or call now for an appointment. 407-297-9048

Read my free offers below and see my entertaining dance videos!

Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando offers a one-hour, private dance lesson and crash courses for all dance classes you want. Including: slow dancing, fast dancing, swing, freestyle for night clubs, salsa and Latin dances, weddings, parties, and other social dance occasions to Orlando and surrounding areas for the past 9 years. Please read my reviews.

FREE Celebration Offers: (for a limited time only!)

Free Offer Number 1:

My normal private dance lesson time was 60 minutes. But, I have increased the private dance lesson by 10 minutes – that’s right ten minutes. More time for you to learn and improve by a longer dancing lesson!

Free Offer Number 2:

One free wedding dance consultation to discuss your wedding dance music, its length, how to pick the right shoes for your dance, and I’ll tell you what are your dance choices for your wedding song.

Free Offer Number 3:

With every wedding dance package of five dance lessons you purchase, you will receive a free music edit to make your wedding dance the right length and the right speed for an easier dance performance. ($25. value)

Free Offer Number 4:

I have met many students who say they have no rhythm. Are you one of them? Receive a FREE rhythm dance consultation to help you regain your rhythm for dancing. (This usually takes about 30-to-45 minutes.) Completely FREE! My gift to you. ($35. value)

Learn ballroom dance lessons Orlando in an entirely different way than many of my colleagues teach. How? Because I teach “Dancing on the right side of the brain.” What does that mean? They want you to memorize the steps, but I want your muscles to feel the steps.

If you are an engineer, lawyer, accountant or other intellectual type who uses their left brain (sometimes the left brain called the calculating side) for most of your daily work, then you can learn how to dance by using the right side of your brain (sometimes the right brain called the intuitive side.) When you access your creativity to learn how to dance the results are improved for faster and easier learning because your muscles memorize the steps and not your brain.

Learn ballroom dance lessons Orlando This is especially true for anyone who has lost their natural ability to find the beat of the music. (Learn more about musicality by clicking the beach scene to the left.) Only the right side of your brain can find the beat. You’ve been trying to force the left side of your brain to find the beat, and  you can tell me – – it doesn’t work.

Call: 407-297-9048 to schedule a consultation – it’s free without any obligation. Take your free new skill of knowing the rhythm of music as my unique gift to you.

Beginners are my specialty, especially anyone who has been unsuccessful with dance lessons in the past. Read my reviews and see what my students say!

Wedding Dance Lessons

Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando can help many people who have special needs. I can customized you and your special needs and talents to the dance steps. How? For instance, if you have a weaker foot, please know steps may be modified or removed to help you learn to dance. If you are unable to dance fast, certain steps may be substituted in order for you to modify dance moves to you and your special needs. My opinion: If you can stumble, you can dance.

At Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando, couples or singles pay the same price for a private, 60-minute dance lesson. No partner required!

Women, you don’t need a dance partner to learn how to dance because I can lead. Men, you don’t need a dance partner to learn how to dance because I can follow and give you instant dance leading techniques to help you lead women on the dance floor. Still have a question or concern?

Please call: 407-297-9048 (8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., closed Sundays.)

Have fun and watch the FOUR dance videos below! Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando.

Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando


Wedding Dance Lessons Orlando

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